Synchronicity: The Pink Feather

A while back, someone contacted me to ask if I wanted to promote his book on the Law of Attraction. He very kindly sent me a copy and I subsequently declined. His agent then called me to discuss my reasons. Essentially, I just did not agree with the proposition that there is a quantum mechanical explanation for the operation of the Law of Attraction. That is not to say that I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, just not the quantum explanation that has been advanced by many proponents including those involved in the movie The Secret.

By the way, if you have not seen the film The Secret, it is well worth watching. I found it interesting and stimulating even if I remain unconvinced by its central argument. Anyway, the agent suggested that I should try an exercise in the book. It went something like this: first decide upon something you would like to manifest. Then each day for a period of one week, spend some time imagining the object. Do this three times each day and you will manifest the object.

The specific example used in the book was a pink feather, after discussing things with the agent and expressing my reservations, I said I would try the process and if it worked, then I would consider promoting the book. The agent said that I might not manifest the object in precisely the way I had imagined or expected and also suggested that I might try for a different object first. I felt that both suggestions were a cop-out. If the process worked, then I should be able to manifest a pink feather irrespective of how difficult that might be.

What happened was that for that week, I did my best to remember to think about the pink feather in the way prescribed. I confess that I was not as diligent as I might have been, but I nevertheless did spend some time each day thinking about the pink feather for the whole of that week. At the end of the week – it was the last day as I recall – my wife pointed to a character on the TV show we were watching and said to me, “there is your pink feather”.

Now I wasn’t overly impressed despite the fact that what the agent had said had proved to be correct i.e. the manifestation of the object had not been in the way I had imagined. But, for me, this event did not correspond to the manifestation of a pink feather. So I never promoted the book, time passed – a lot of time – and I thought I had forgotten all about it. However, recently, I was out walking with my wife and our dog – bear in mind that this is years after the discussion – and I walked right past an object resting on the path. I did not notice it, but obviously must have seen it because I turned around and walked back to pick up the pink feather that was laying there.

“There is my pink feather,” I said to my wife.

Pink feathers are not that common and they do not turn up on public pathways that often either. But that was precisely what I had imagined and that is exactly what had eventually turned up. It made me think about the sequence of events. Personally, I still  don’t think I actually manifested the feather, as such, but what I do think is that I programmed my brain to notice them and eventually one turned up and I also think that I would not have noticed it if I had not done the exercise.

This is the principle of synchronicity at work where events that are not causally linked are indeed linked meaningfully and this, I believe, is what really drives the Law of Attraction. It is at least an explanation with which I am more comfortable. But either way, whatever your belief about how the process operates, I do think there is something remarkably interesting in the concept and I recognise that I do actually make use of the Law of Attraction in many ways. When I am looking for a solution to a problem, for example, I might indentify something that I need and, generally, the thing I identify actually does arrive somehow.

So I wonder if you would like to try the above exercise. If you prove to yourself that the Law of Attraction does actually work, it could change your entire life. So, why not give it a go? Pick whatever object you wish and go through the process outlined above. If it works for you (or even if it doesn’t), I would be very interested in hearing about it.

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4 thoughts on “Synchronicity: The Pink Feather

  1. Robin

    When I first read about the linking of quantum mechanical explanation to the law of attraction, it really surpised me.

    I fully agree that you can think, percieve and act through your subconcious mind. Being a science student, I know the combination of expertise and imagination can brings laurels if you think in positive directions.

  2. Dehumidifiers

    Like Simon states, there are all kinds of theories and explanations flying about.

    But it all comes down to your subconcious at the end of the day. If you’re focusing and dedicating a consistent amount of time to a particular object or ‘thing’ then of course whatever it is will stick in your subconcious and it will become more apparent or noticable in your environment or life.

  3. Simon Adams

    There are many explanations of the Law Of Attraction, quite simply if you tell your subconcious mind to go look for something it will, as Brian Tracy puts it, you are what you think about most of the time. Where attention flows, results show, its simply focusing your mind on what you want, it’s all out there, you just have to work out which bits you want out of life and focus on them. If you focus on finding money on the ground it will be there simply because you are looking for. It was always there, you just directed your mind to seek it out. Good article.

  4. Connie

    The way the Law of Attraction works in my life is with further actions. I am passionate, desiring, of something it comes to me, so to speak. If not I do not get what I want. This is something I knew forty years ago. 🙂 as a wee child. 🙂

    I always get what I want when it is something I really want. That includes fears, doubts, lack and abundance. The only thing I have not acquired is a great deal of money. I always have just enough and generally at the last minute. But mostly lack is there. There is more emotion to provide lack, fear is a strong force in the law of attraction. Overcoming it still an ongoing practice.


    PS I do not hold the entire concept of quantum mechanics in the simpler sense most authors write about. But….

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