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Many of my blog posts end up with Google first page rankings and, as a consequence, I sometimes receive requests to advertise on those particular pages.

At present, we are using Google Adsense to serve contextual advertising, however, you can purchase the Adsense space on ANY blog post – this includes our free books download pages. We will include your 250 x 250 ad within an individual blog post. Your Ad goes at the top right of the blog post ( –> ) where the Ad is displayed here!

The site itself gets 1.7 million visitors per year at present, as you can see from the stats below, and the blog is receiving just over 1000 impressions per day (and growing).

We need to make a few rules of course, but we want to keep them to a minimum:

  • We will not allow advertising that is unrelated to our niche.
  • Your ad, once approved, must always point to the approved page (i.e. don’t change the page to something completely different after it has been approved).

We think the above rules are fair to everyone but, of course (just in case we have missed something) we reserve the right to change them if it should become necessary.

Here are the stats for the White Dove Books site as a whole:

White Dove Books Traffic
We are ideally looking for advertisers who want to form a long-term relationship and who are prepared to commit to a minimum period of three months.

After due consideration, I have decided to price these ad slots at $600 per month; that works out to about $20 per day. I believe that to be a fair price when I consider what I have paid for advertising at other sites.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact me.

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