Simple Acts of Kindness

Recently, I was invited to appear on Deb Carlin’s radio show The K Factor. Why I have been invited, I do not really know, but I decided to accept the invitation. Kindness is indeed a subject I have written about in the past and I do believe there is room for a little more kindness in the world too.

The invitation, from Tara Rose said:

The K Factor is a show on and psychologist Dr. Deb Carlin has been at it for about 3 years now.  The K Factor where K = kindness and the factors are all the things that lead to it. We scour the planet in search of people engaging in kindness on all different levels – and we picked you!

Here’s what the show is about …

The focus of the show is basic, good mental health – sanity … and old fashioned kindness. Dr Carlin’s view of our culture is simple and straightforward; we have great people with great ideas and energy but too many have gotten out of control – screaming their points of view over one another; it has caused us to become a nation of people struggling to discern what the news is and what the message is … we need a quieter place to pause, listen, think, and learn. We need a quieter and gentler approach. There is a movement afoot, a grassroots push, for a kindness factor

So today, I thought I would begin a series of posts on the subject of kindness starting with this one. I think the above video provides some really good examples of kindness in action, don’t you? But over the course of the next few posts, we’ll be taking a closer look at the subject.

Oh yes – nearly forgot – the show goes out next year. Amazing that they plan that far in advance, I know, but anyway, I’ll let you know sooner to the time of transmission and hopefully, you may be able to join us.

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