The Release: Escape From Torment

The Release 25 percent

Escaping a lifetime of abuse,Carrie Rhodes is on the run. She must hide from an ex-boyfriend and the gang that wants her dead. Hope is found in a small town with the help of a man with extraordinary faith and an unusual occupation. However darkness rages in many forms and evil refuses to let her go. Still, Carrie refuses the light that is shining in her life. How can God’s love, shown through flawed people, be the path of escape from generations of abuse, violence and torment?
“This story is captivating from beginning to end. The author presents a realistic case of a woman trying to escape the man that abused her, something we see happen all too often. At one point I was so caught up in the story I had tears in my eyes for Carrie and a few times I had to remind myself that this was fiction! The story goes on to show us how big our God is and how big His mercy and grace are.
I can hardly recommend this book enough.”

Denise Moore,
Board Secretary of the Van Buren Domestic Violence Coalition

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