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Occasionally, I receive an email that I like to answer in open forum because I think it might benefit other people. Today, I received such a mail. It was from a person who wants to promote the White Dove Books site but is unsure how to go about rebranding our books and syndicating articles. So thanks for asking Dennis.

Let’s deal with the subject of rebranding first. Before we start, I need to let you know a little about the new Cookie Law in the UK and how this may affect things. This law came onto the statute books last May in the UK following a EU directive. We were hoping the government would see sense and repeal it, but the present situation is that UK websites have until this coming May to comply.

The new law affects both rebranding and referring because – you guessed it – both of these mechanisms make use of cookies. Now, we are working behind the scenes to come up with solutions to these difficulties that do not interfere with the user’s browsing experience. However, the point I want to make before I address the specific questions asked is that we may be forced by law to change the way the current mechanisms work and this could have consequences for what follows. That said, here we go.

With regard to syndicating articles, you can use any of my articles located at the eZinearticles ite for this purpose; not the articles I publish at White Dove Books. Here is a list of articles available for syndication:

For referral options, please see here … Affiliate Program.

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