Quantum Jumping

There is an advertisement that has recently caught my eye on the subject of quantum jumping. It intrigued me enough to visit the site and find out something of the basic idea. It turns out to be a bit like the TV program, Quantum Leap which, for some reason, I always enjoyed watching.

Essentially, the theory is that there are many parallel universes, as many as you would care to imagine, possibly an infinite number and within each universe, a unique version of yourself exists. But within each separate universe, you have made a different choice for every one of the alternative choices that were presented to you in this universe.

Not only that, but options that were never made available to you within our universe were presented in other parallel systems because such options were the logical consequences of choices you never made in this one.

So, if you are with me so far, that means that, if this idea has any substance, there is a version of you somewhere who has lived, is living and has achieved everything you ever dreamed of and things you thought were impossible too. However, this theory also means that there are versions of you elsewhere that made all the worst choices and they are living the most miserable lives of depravity imaginable.

Now, what if you could find the version of yourself that made all the right choices. What if you could interview that person and find out what they actually did to become wildly successful? That is the essence of what the program advertised was suggesting you might be able to do. How might this be possible? Well, I guess that you could do it with a kind of thought experiment. After all, it was Einstein who said that imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

If you would like to have a go at this, here is what I would suggest. Firstly, you need to get yourself into that relaxed, creative state that we associate with the practice of meditation. This can be done using binaural beats or more traditional methods such as calming the mind, concentrating on breathing, thinking of nothing – all best done with your eyes closed.

When you are fully relaxed, ask your successful future self – the one in the parallel universe – to come in to your mind-space. When they have made an appearance, you can ask that version of yourself any question you want answered. Of course, the answers come from within and exercises like this are simply designed to give you a method of accessing a part of yourself that you normally might not be able to reach.

However, the beauty of this approach is that the answers may surprise you. If you do this well, it is as though they are coming from another person, the other you in the parallel universe. You may find that you will benefit from great insight into what you need to do to move forward in your life.

3 thoughts on “Quantum Jumping

  1. Delton

    This just goes to show you that some people will believe anything. There cannot be another me in another universe that is different than me. If different then it is not me.

  2. Lotus

    Hi Will
    I already know about this and think you’ve described it very well. With the ones not having a good time of it I would think there is also a way to help them and so heal the Whole of ourselves after becoming the stronger one that knows how that is, for that existing would be another logical conclusion to me * in service of the Kindly Light *

  3. john

    Hi Will

    Good article about Quantum jumping, but I think you may have your programs mixed up.

    In quantum leap Sam Becket jumps into other peoples bodies in various periods of history. He does not travel to parallel universes.

    I think you have the series “Sliders” in mind. The characters visit parallel universes each episode.

    I have downloaded and watched both shows with great enjoyment.

    The Quantum Jumping idea is a mix of both. It is similar to the idea in “Think And Grow Rich” where Napoleon Hill holds imaginary counsels with great men from history.

    Thanks for all the great articles and inspiration.


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