QR-Codes and How You Can Use Them

Just in case you have never seen a QR-Code before, the image to the left is an example. It works just like a barcode. If you scan it via your mobile phone, you will end up at our website. QR-Codes (Quick Response Codes) can be used to get people to anywhere online. If it has a url, it can be embedded into a QR-Code.Simple as that, though that’s not the only thing you can do with them.

You can use QR-Codes to sent email, to dial a voice phone or to send an SMS message and when you begin to think about that, the uses for them are legion. Many people wonder what the advantage is, over normal urls. The answer is that you point and click your phone and you are there. There is no cumbersome typing. So it’s a very easy way of getting people from something in print to a website.

They already are extremely popular in some parts of the world, but with mobile computing what is is today, before long, these codes will be everywhere. In the future, they will be all over our business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, flyers, advertising. Essentially, anything that we can produce in print now has the capacity to get people directly from the page to your website. I hope you can see the power of this. Here are some more possible creative uses to get you thinking.

If you want to know how to create your own QR-Code, it is very simple indeed. Just go here and you can have it done in about 20 seconds.

2 thoughts on “QR-Codes and How You Can Use Them

  1. Tyler Forst

    About 6 months ago i discovered what a QR code was. At that time i was under the impression that it was the new “big thing” in marketing. Since then, i have been hearing less and less about these QR Codes. Does anyone else think that hype has started to die down?

  2. Lalit

    I had heard about QR codes, but I was not really aware avout so many benefits of these. When I clickes the image of QR codes, I reached the blog and this seems to be best idea of sending your visitors at a particular page through these codes.

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