Pushing Your Limits

If you have ever found yourself holding back on something you really wanted to do, you are familiar with self-limitation – we all have some self-limiting beliefs.

Limitations can serve us in some ways, like reminding us that we don’t have the ability to fly off a roof and land safely on our feet; and they can confine us in other ways, by creating doubt and fear about our ability to create more fulfilling circumstances.

Luckily, most of our self-limitations are easily identified as helpful or harmful; we need only spend some time examining them and decide which we want to keep and which we want to discard.

What do you believe you’ll NEVER be able to do? Why do you think so? If these concepts seem vague and you’re not sure what your own perceived limitations are, take some time to write them down.

Try phrases like this: ‘I can’t [do this] because [of that].’

Fill in the blanks, and don’t hold anything back. Even if one of your ideas seems ridiculous and you logically know it isn’t true, yet your gut confirms it’s a strong belief you hold, write it down anyway.

Once you’ve identified as many of your limiting beliefs as you can, take a closer look at them. Are any of them hopelessly impossible, or do they just feel that way? Have other people been able to accomplish something that you want to accomplish? Have you accomplished anything in the past that was difficult? How did you overcome the obstacles you faced? Could you apply the same process to any goal?

There are no right or wrong answers here, only what you honestly think and feel. Now set your list aside (we’ll be looking at it again later in this report) – and let’s delve into beliefs a bit deeper.

Pushing Your Limits

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