Public Domain Riches

Do you know the quickest way to start your own business on the internet? What would you say if I told you it is by packaging and reselling Public Domain information? Can you believe that people are actually becoming rich on the internet by doing just that? Well, it’s amazing but true!

In case you are not familiar with the Public Domain, let me tell you that it consists of books, articles, films, graphics, music – in fact, a whole body of creative works of every kind and in every media format you can think of – all of which are out of copyright. And, because these works are out of copyright, you can legally, reproduce them and sell them for 100% pure profit.

Once you know where to find Public Domain works and how to check their copyright status, all you need to do is package them into digital format and sell them as a download over the internet. People love digital products because they are instantly available after making payment; and I certainly think they are the best products to sell on-line because they don’t cost you anything once they are created. You can just sell access to your download page over and over again.

Here are just a few famous examples of people who have profited from the Public Domain. Walt Disney repackaged the wonderful stories written by the Brothers Grimm to make a whole series of remarkable and memorable movies. Billy Joel used Beethoven’s music for his song This Night and Procol Harem similarly used a Bach composition in Whiter Shade of Pale.

Did you know that the movie Little Shop of Horrors is in the Public Domain? Did you know that the popular classic The Science of Getting Rich is in the Public Domain? Did you know that the children’s classic Peter Pan is in the Public Domain – in America, as least! Did you know that you cannot copyright a recipe? That means ALL recipes are in the Public Domain. You just cannot reproduce the author’s additional comments – but you could write your own!

You can easily become the on-line distributor of a whole range of classic works, which you supply digitally at no cost to you. Think of companies you already know who are doing this with the great canon of English Literature – pretty much ALL in the Public Domain. Think of TV companies who show classic movies; some of which do only that. Why? Because of the great wealth of classic movies which are royalty-free and now in the Public Domain!

Let’s consider books for a moment. There are on-line repositories of Public Domain works readily available. With an ebook compiler, you can quickly and easily create your own derivative works. The secret to selling this type of book is to do exactly what Rebecca Fine did with The Science of Getting Rich – her website ( is entirely based on this Public Domain book. You write your own Foreword and Introduction – adding value and thereby producing your own Derivative Work which can legally bear your own copyright.

Rebecca’s site is not the only one to have been based on Public Domain works, Vic Johnson’s site ( is based on another classic work of Self Improvement – James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh. Both Rebecca and Vic have done very nicely using the above approach. If you have a favourite classic, your website could easily become the on-line authority – that’s what has happened to both Rebecca’s and Vic’s sites.

There are very many ways for you to profit from Public Domain works. For more information, see my ebook Public Domain Riches, available as a FREE download below …

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