31 Day Fat Loss Cure

31 Day Fat LossAs someone who has never had a six pack in his life, I was intrigued by the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure that I got the opportunity to review this week. One thing I immediately liked about the program was that there is no calorie counting involved at all. Personally, I cannot be bothered with programs that demand that kind of approach.

The above does not mean that you can pay no attention to what you eat. You must understand the nutritional stuff and also take proper exercise to be successful. So, the program is essentially a combination of good diet and exercise, actually it is about 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

The exercise routines are very comprehensive, but perhaps interestingly, they are not particularly lengthy. There are five separate routines designed to fit the type of person you are. If you already work out, the advanced workouts are for you. But if you don’t workout at the moment, amazingly just the low impact and beginners workouts will be sufficient for you to see exactly the same kind of results that more experienced people get by using the advanced routines.

Imagine that, getting a six pack with about 20 minutes exercise per day and by making a few changes to your diet. It certainly sounds like a regime I will be prepared to give a try. Here are the five workouts the program contains:

• Low Impact Workout – Designed for anyone over 60 years old
• Beginner Bodyweight Workout – For people who don’t want to use the gym
• Beginner Gym Workout – For anyone who loves the gym
• Advanced Bodyweight Workout – For people who are already in good shape
• Advanced Gym Workout – For people in good shape who want to lose that last bit of fat

Most people will do one of the first three plans and the promise is that within 31 days, you can transform your body into the thin and toned specimen you want it to be. The big question of course is: does it work? Well, there are certainly plenty of testimonials included from people who have already tried the program and apparently, lost the excess weight within that time; some people have reported that they hit their goal weight in less than the 31 days.

Once of the things I found interesting was that the author (Vic Magary) suggests that you take a picture of yourself right at the start and then take another after your 31 days have finished. He encourages people to send those pictures in and he has quite a collection too. He gives anyone who sends in their before and after pictures a free T shirt sporting the slogan ‘Treadmills are for Gerbils”.

Having reviewed the materials, I feel convinced that the program should work and, I guess, the big promise is the rapidity of the weight loss; within just 31 days. It also seems to be a very healthy approach to losing weight – no calorie counting or ridiculous eating plans, just good solid nutritional advice and a set of simple workouts that can be completed very quickly each day.

His guarantee is fully under-written by ClickBank, so that means that you definitely get your money back if it doesn’t work for you. This is actually one of the reasons I like Clickbank products. The 60 day, 100% guarantee is fully underwritten by them. In fact, his guarantee states that if you don’t lose at least 10 pounds of fat within 31 days of trying the program, he doesn’t deserve your money and will happily refund it in full.

You can watch Vic speaking about this program here: Watch Vic’s Video

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