Prejudice: The Evil of Ignorance

I just love to hear personal stories of how people overcame their difficulties and changed their lives for the better, don’t you? Today, I came across this lovely story that I would like to share with you.

As you are probably aware, I am English but I am not offended by her description of English cooking. My mother, bless her (she is no longer with us) also could not cook. Things have improved here over the years; you can get all kinds of great stuff in the supermarkets now – hey we’re quite cosmopolitan these days.

But the story is not about the cooking; it is about prejudice. It doesn’t matter what colour you are, what creed you believe in or what ethnic group you belong to, we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, prejudiced which, of course, literally means, to prejudge. We have a tendency to make judgements about people primarily based on what they look like and what they sound like.

In the modern world, you would think there would be no room for such ignorance. However, if there is one evil within the world today that still needs to be tackled, surely it is the evil of prejudice. As I remember my anthropology tutor saying when I did my degree, “the moment I hear people use the phrase ‘those people’ I know we need to have a conversation.”

Whether it is intolerance for colour, creed, nation, class or a whole array of other identifiable allegiances, intolerance leads to conflict and, taken to its extreme, even to war. As I have said previously, it is not religion that causes war; it is intolerance.

Recently, I have been corresponding with a person who lives in Ireland who was telling me that he had taught his children to respect the beliefs of other people even though they might differ from our own. That is the kind of attitude that has changed things dramatically in Ireland and can change things elsewhere in the world too if we recognise the truth and teach it to our children.

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