Positive Thinking – Part 1

Once you are able to master the business of habitually living with a positive mental attitude, you are certain to notice some amazing positive changes manifesting themselves in your life. In fact, if you perfect this art, you might hardly recognize the life you used to live.

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who always seem positive, regardless of what happens in their lives; and that that some people tend to attract luck on a regular basis, where others are constantly attracting bad luck into their lives?

Having a positive mental attitude seems to be an important key to living a happy and fulfilling life, but unfortunately most people, it seems, do not naturally have a positive mental attitude.

So let’s begin by asking ourselves: what it is to have a positive mental attitude. A positive mental attitude is really a state of mind and it is usually a deliberate choice made by the individual. That is, a person living with a positive mental attitude, at some time, probably made the decision to live this way. In many cases, a person with a positive mental attitude wasn’t always positive.

Do you remember from your childhood, or observing your own children when they were small, having some big dreams? Both you, and they, truly believed that those dreams could come true. It wasn’t until they got older that they started to doubt their ability to achieve those dreams. This is fundamentally because of what the people around them were telling them i.e. that they could not have what they wanted and that their dreams were either too big or too silly.

Our surroundings, the media and other things around us are generally negative, and it doesn’t take long for these negative influences to take over and to change our natural mental attitude from positive to negative.

The next time you watch TV, take the time to note down how many negative stories or images are displayed over the course of an hour, when compared to the positive stories and images. It won’t take you very long at all to realize that almost everything you see can have a negative influence on your own thinking. Also, do the same exercise as you flick through the newspaper and you will undoubtedly get similar results.

The media are onto something and they know it. Negative stuff sells. People flock to their TV sets if they know there is going to be a story about a major tragedy, and the media simply play on that at every opportunity.

In the workplace, when you find someone telling a hard luck story, other people will naturally gather around so they can share similar stories. Misery seems to love its own company.

So why would you want to have a positive mental attitude?

There are many reasons to start yourself working on developing a positive attitude as opposed to living with a negative one, and you only need to take a look around you to see what a difference it makes. When you look at all of the negativity you find on TV and in the news, just ask yourself, do you really want to be adding to all of that?

Many people do, however, actually choose to live their lives in a state of unconscious misery and few of these people will ever manage to accomplish anything worthwhile or great with their lives. It is said that such people make up around 95% of the population. It is this 95% who will spend their lives “wishing” they had this or “wanting” that and they may think it completely unfair that they don’t ever seem to have what they want.

What they often fail to recognise is that the only thing stopping them getting what they want out of life is themselves. This ignorance is what causes people to go through life feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. So would you rather be part of the 95% group, or would you prefer to be a member of the 5%?

Having a positive mental attitude automatically changes your perception of life. For example, very few bad things ever seem to happen to you. Also, having a positive mental attitude seems to attract more positive events in your life. You achieve your goals at a quite unbelievable rate. Life, for the most part, is great and the remaining 95% of the population are left wondering what you are taking.

Even when something negative happens to you, such as the ending of a relationship or the death of a close family member, you are still able to see the positives even in these events. For example, when the relationship ends, you are grateful for what you learned from that relationship and for everything you gained from it.

When someone dies, you are grateful for knowing that person and for the time you had together and the joy they brought into your life, even if it was for only a short time. Of course, you still go through a normal and healthy grieving process, but you will bounce back stronger and more empowered as you realize that life must go on, and it is up to you as to what that your life is going to be like.

What exactly are the benefits of a positive mental attitude?

The benefits of positive mental attitude are numerous and could probably fill an entire book on their own.

Apart from being a whole lot happier, you will begin to notice some other benefits which will seem to increase, day by day.

Listed below are some (but definitely not all) of the benefits you can experience just by maintaining a positive mental attitude:

1. You seem to Attract More “Luck”

There really is no such thing as “luck” and that is because life is what you make it, and by maintaining a positive mental attitude, you attract positive events into your life. This is no accident.

Having a positive mental attitude is also about having faith in your ability to succeed in any area of your life and doing whatever it takes to get there. So whilst people may see your success as luck, you will understand first-hand that a lot of work and positive thought had to go into the process before you were able to see these results.

2. Your Life is More Fulfilling

By living with a positive mental attitude, you are able to see all of the positives in your life, and really appreciate your personal achievements. Having this positive attitude means you are more likely to set, work towards and achieve your goals.

Whether you are living a simple life with not many possessions, or you have all of the material possessions you need, fulfillment is all in the eye of the beholder. If you feel fulfilled, then you will be. You will have everything you need to feel this way and you couldn’t be happier.

3. You Attract Positive People into Your Life

Living a life with a positive mental attitude means that many of your negative friends will seem to drift out of your life and eventually disappear.

This is usually a gradual process as you begin lose contact with most of those people who do not share the same outlook on life that you do.

As this happens, you will find that people who possess the positive mental attitude that you possess will begin to come into your life. As you maintain this attitude, more like-minded people will begin to replace those friends you “lost” and these people are more aligned to your own way of thinking. What is good about this is that the more positive people you hang around, the more positive events you will experience in life!

4. The Bad Things in Life Really Don’t Seem that Bad

A positive person is able to see the positives in almost any event, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

If you were to lose out on a job application, your attitude would be that there is probably another, much better job out there for you, and usually this is the case! If you are in a rush and get caught up in traffic, it is probably the way of the universe to tell you to slow down.

And of course when you are faced with a sad or tragic event, you will always look for the silver lining around the cloud.

5. People Like Positive People

For the most part people are attracted to a person with a positive mental attitude, even if they don’t have one themselves. Whilst they might not find themselves as one of your best friends (because you tend to surround yourself with like-minded people in your inner circle), they will look up to you and possibly even envy your wonderful outlook on life.

When you have a positive mental attitude you will radiate positive energy that seems to engage the people around you and many will wonder how on earth you are able to be that happy every single day?

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  1. One of the great benefits of having a positive attitude is those with a negative attitude won’t stay around very long.

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