Polar Shift: 2012 – Part 3

You know, once you begin this 2012 investigation, it can be very difficult to shake off and make it go away. It reminds me of something someone said just before the year 2000, during our Y2K project. He said, it’s like peeling an onion, as you peel each layer away there’s another one underneath and it makes you want to cry.

So, I felt that as some people are predicting major shifts in the Earth’s magnetic field and even possible complete inversions, that I couldn’t drop the subject just yet. There is every possibility that the magnetic north pole could shift. Between 1831 and 2001, experts have concluded that there have already been very marked shifts in the position of magnetic north. In addition, the sun’s magnetic poles reverse about every 11 years.

Now, did you notice anything? No! The solar system is still here, the Earth is still here – we didn’t get sucked into a black hole – and, most importantly, you are still here. So we needn’t get too worried about the possibility of magnetic north changing. Significant shifts have happened before and are almost certain to happen again. In fact, magnetic north is moving by about half a degree per year at present. However, some of the 2012 brigade are not just predicting a shift in the Earth’s magnetic field, but a complete inversion.

Well firstly, we do know that pole inversions have happened in the past and we also know that humankind actually survived them. Studies of polar ice caps have revealed that the Earth has experienced many complete switches in the past. A complete switch is where magnetic north becomes south and vice versa. Not the earth being turned upside down as at least one commentator has suggested. As far as we know the last magnetic pole shift occurred, according to Wikipedia, about 700 thousand years ago and that was well before recorded history began.

If the magnetic poles were to switch, of course there might be some consequences, but is such an inversion likely to cause earthquakes and tsunamis as some predict? Well, pole inversions observed on the sun take place gradually. If the Earth’s magnetic poles were to invert gradually, there would probably be very little effect.

But what if the magnetic inversion were sudden and rapid? Now that is where the scaremongering starts. If there was a rapid inversion, then at very least communications and computer systems would be disrupted or knocked out completely. Now that might not be a bad thing, especially if some of the junk that people are writing about these events gets permanently erased 😉

Seriously, nobody really knows what would happen if there were a sudden and rapid reversal. Such an event could lead to some major catastrophe. However – and this is what we need to understand – such an event is very unlikely as far as we can establish. We have the estimates of experts who tell us that most of the inversions that occurred in the past took, “between 1,000 and 10,000 years” to complete.

So if it is very unlikely that a shift that would invert the Earth’s magnetic field will occur in 2012, why is it being predicted? Remember Niburu, the planet that is supposedly predicted to collide or make a near pass with the Earth? Well, some are suggesting that will be the cause of the pole inversion effect. But remember too, that we know that Niburu does not exist. Quite frankly, there are many things that have happened to Earth in the past that could also happen in the future. But, again, if Niburu, or some other body such as a comet were really on a collision course with the Earth, we would certainly know about it.

2 thoughts on “Polar Shift: 2012 – Part 3

  1. Will Edwards Post author

    Hi Leo

    Yes, the more you look at it, the bigger it gets. As I said previously, in that respect, it is not too dissimilar to the Y2K situation we will all remember from not too long back.

    With regard to the galactic alignment, I already have a future post (Part 4) lined up to discuss the matter.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Will 🙂

  2. Leo

    The two biggest factors related to the coming changes (Earth, Sun, and Solar System) are missing from your article. First is the interstellar energy cloud that is slowly moving through our solar system that will greatly affect our sun and magnetosphere. Second is the galactic plane alignment.

    Factor these into your argument, and you will be much closer to the truth.

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