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If you have a Wordpress blog on your own domain, you can get our free plugin which allows you to deliver our books (free and paid) to your visitors. It is very easy to install. Please watch the video below for full instructions ...

In a nutshell, this plugin allows anyone using a WordPress blog to embed our books into their blog very quickly and easily. This allows you to provide great free content to your visitors and also earn referral commissions at the same time.

  • Quality Free Content for Your Visitors
  • Quality Products for Your Visitors
  • Additional Streams of Income for You

This will keep visitors returning to your site and provides you with a great way to monetise your traffic.

All of this without having to upload files, configure hyperlinks, setup autoresponders or do any of the stuff affiliates usually have to manage.

You Make Commisssions

Both on the Bundle Offer (Shown Above)

AND the Amazon Books displayed below the Listings

Please Note: This is for self-hosted blogs.