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When you begin an online business, it can be very easy to underestimate the importance of providing good quality, fresh content. Some people seem to think you can create a website, put your content up there and sit back and reap the rewards. But, it usually does not work quite like that.

In the fast paced world of internet marketing the cliché “content is king” still holds true. Providing unique and interesting content is fast becoming one of the best ways to stay on top in the internet marketing business.

Here’s why you need content:

• Content is what attracts the visitors
• Content is what the search engines want
• Content makes the sale
• Content is the follow up for more sales

The constant need for fresh content presents webmasters with a challenging problem. Do you write your socks off, do you employ other people to write for you or is there another more creative solution?

How can a successful entrepreneur provide fresh content without spending every waking minute writing? One answer to that question is by making use of private label rights (PLR) articles and eBooks. There have been numerous threads in marketing forums asking if PLR is dead, some simply saying that all PLR packages out there are just rubbish. It only shows a deep misunderstanding of what PLR is and how powerful it can be if correctly used.

To be clear: PLR is the most powerful and most versatile of all publishing rights. If you are new to internet marketing and have not come across the idea of Private Label Rights before, here is a short explanation.

Private label rights (PLR) give you almost unlimited editorial rights that allow you to rewrite, edit, and re-author content such as eBooks and articles. PLR products can include graphic images, software, and source codes, depending on the type of product (but we will cover text content only in this report).

Do not confuse resell rights with Private Label rights. With PLR you have the right to change and edit the content; resell rights only allow you the right to sell the content, but not to change it in any way. Private label rights give you limited rights to edit or rewrite the content, add affiliate links, or sponsored product recommendations and then claim it as your own.

To put it differently, you can modify the content to allow a greater variety of cash producing revenue streams. For instance, you could include affiliate links to your sponsor’s products where other affiliate links may have existed, add links to your sites to increase traffic or add product reviews for products that are similar or complement the information in the eBook/article.

Private label rights content can be used in viral marketing, second chance or back-end sales, building traffic through links or for resale. You can also split up articles, eBooks or reports into email classes called eCourses or use several articles and make an eBook; the possibilities are almost endless.

Basically, when you get your hands on a PLR article or package of articles, that package becomes yours as if you had written the articles yourself. You can do anything you like with them. A word of warning though: sometimes, you’re not allowed to transfer those rights to anyone else. This is where people can run into legal difficulties. My advice if to make sure you purchase from a reputable vendor and always attempt to secure unrestricted PLR wherever possible.

In this report, we’ll discover how to use PLR rights to effectively market your business. It’s a completely free download …


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