Personal Mentoring – What’s in the Course?

Recently, I received a couple of mails asking the same question i.e. exactly what is in my Personal Mentoring course?

Actually, it is a fair question because the sales page doesn’t really say too much about what is in the course – perhaps I should address that. It simply says that I make a full time income working from home doing what I love to do – writing – but it does not expand. So I thought I would provide you with a list of the topics we have covered so far and some of the lessons that are already in the pipeline.

The course is a complete guide to starting your own online business and it is full of great ideas derived from my own personal experience actually doing this stuff over the past eight years or so. None of it is theory; it is all very practical. Every week, I give the students assignments to complete so, in a step by step manner, we get their business of the ground and up and running.

Here’s what’s in the course:

  • Strategy
  • Your Ideal Customer
  • Analysing Your Ideas
  • Your USP
  • Developing the Offering
  • Your Online Presence
  • Getting Your Blog Rolling
  • Essential Blog Plugins
  • Your Sales Page
  • Your Payment Gateway
  • Your Newsletter
  • Skyrocketing Your Opt-ins
  • Social Integration
  • Hot Products
  • Kindle Publishing
  • Getting Your Blog on Kindle
  • Starting Your Affiliate Program
  • Joint Ventures
  • Split Testing
  • Your Own Membership Program

Of course, because it is a Personal Mentoring course, I am responding to individual questions along the way and providing personal guidance too. If I do say so myself, there is no finer course for starting a successful online business to be found anywhere on the internet.

As you can see, we start from the beginning so nothing is missed out and we cover every step of the way. All you need to do is to put in a bit of your own effort and you too could be running your own successful web business in no time.

To see what’s possible, watch the Introduction Video.

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