Personal Development Plan

Developing your own plan for Personal Development is an interesting idea you might like to consider. To begin, you need to think about the end – no doubt you will remember Stephen Covey’s Begin with the End in Mind habit! This means being clear in your own mind about your Vision and the Mission you are trying to accomplish – and you will wish to break your Mission down into specific Goals.

Now with this clarity of thinking, I recommend that you draw a picture to represent your Vision. Don’t be constrained when you do this. Let your imagination really flow and get the Ideal Picture of your Vision down on the paper. Next, you should draw a second picture. This represents your current situation. Don’t try to rush this process. Try to incorporate as much detail as you can into these two pictures.

If you display these two pictures somewhere you can see them regularly, you will be amazed at what begins to happen. Over time, your subconscious mind will begin to solve the problems for you and gradually the Plan will begin to emerge. Your brain will deliver the individual steps for you to complete your detailed Plan.

You need to consider exactly what evidence you will be prepared to accept to confirm that you have reached your destination. Be clear – get it quantified!

Translating the current situation into the desired situation then requires you to commit to taking the necessary action. Every day, ensure you take at least one step toward your Goal and remain committed to the objective; and eventually, you will get there! You will find the 4tm Spreadsheet to be of great help in keeping you on-track; ensuring you take the required actions to translate your Vision into reality.

You can learn how to Internalize the Key Principles of Success into your life by translating Stephen Covey‘s principles into action. With the 4tm System you get instant, graphical analysis & feedback, via the free Spreadsheet, that allows you to make subtle adjustments to your use of time to ensure to reach your important goals and achieve your Life Purpose.

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