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Finally, we have a proper Facebook Fan Page for the White Dove Books site. We have had one for a little while, but but we have now managed to make it look a much more professional. I simply did not realise the advantages of having a Fan Page, not being that au fait with Facebook, until my son pointed them out for me. Basically, with a Fan Page, you can make use of Facebook’s inbuilt refer facility and, since friends can refer friends ad infinitum, it can be a way of reaching a lot of people with your message.

The Facbook navigation has always been something I have personally disliked, so it has taken me a while to figure out how to do this, but today finally we got there. For anyone interested in how we created our page (warning: not for the faint-hearted), it was done by creating a mini site within our mainsite within the folder ‘fanpage’. This contains all our graphics, php files and content. We then created a Facebook App that links to the minisite and then finally, we created and linked our Fan Page to the App setting the default view as the App page.

As I said, not for the faint-hearted. The whole process took me about three hours, but that was because I didn’t have much of a clue where things were in the Facebook interface and spent a lot of time just digging around in there. Bearing in mind it only took me about two hours to create my first WordPress Blog including uploading the software, patching it, designing a new template, uploading all the relevant plugins and importing my content, I think it should have taken a lot less time.

Anyway, we do have that little exercise behind us now. Keep your eye on the page because we may change things from time to time to improve what we have on offer. Now that it is all setup up, changing things will be a breeze since all we need do is to simply edit the minisite in our fanpage folder – easy. Right now, it allows twelve of our books to be downloaded directly from the Facebook site, so your friends can take a look very easily and get some great books for free.

So, I hope you will visit and give us a little click on your ‘Like’ button which is such an easy way to recommend sites to your friends (and thanks, in advance 😉 ) …

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2 thoughts on “Our Facebook Fan Page

  1. Will Edwards

    Hi Roger

    The Facebook interface is one of the least intuitive I have ever come across. Even the normal use of the site I find really annoying. So, trying to document my steps would be very difficult. However the main steps are:

    1. Create your ‘minisite’ within your main site with your code & graphics
    2. Create a Facebook App which is an iframe to your minisite
    3. Create Your Fan Page
    4. Add your App to your Fan Page
    5. Make your App the default view

    Hope that helps a bit.

    Will 🙂

  2. Roger

    Will, you should write a book on how you accomplished this miracle on Facebook. I visited the site and as a business owner myself, I am impressed. I too have been trying to make a page for my business on Facebook and have had the exact same experience (and dislikes) as you about finding things on the site. I would be willing to “donate” some money just to have a more detailed example of how you accomplished it. Great job!

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