On Taking a Chance

Take a chance and you may lose; miss it, and you have already lost. I believe it was Søren Kierkegaard who wisely said those words and it is the kind of logic that is absolutely undeniable.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to join the team at another online venture and I had to really think it over because I didn’t want to say ‘yes’ and then later find that I could not find enough time to commit to the project.

It really should have been an easy decision because I genuinely believe it is a golden opportunity for me. But, my heart is in what I have been building right here, for the past eight years, at White Dove Books – I started the site back in December 2003 but got much more serious about it a year later. So, it wasn’t at all easy for me.

However, the decision is now made. I have now formally become part of the team at Loyaltepays and I am very excited about it too. When I really thought about it, I came to understand that it does not represent a departure for me at all. It is much more of an extension to what I was already doing.

Generally, I find that a good long walk along the cliffs, with the dog, is all that is needed for my subconscious mind to absorb all of the data and give me that comfortable or uncomfortable feeling (in the gut or the heart) about the idea that is on my mind – just as Deepak Chopra once suggested in his famous book The 7 Spiritual Laws to Success.

In this particular case, the answer just had to be ‘yes’. Loyaltepays solved the problems we had with rebrandable books and the rather silly UK cookie law. It allowed us to continue offering our affiliates a method of earning commissions whilst giving away our books. But, in fact, it actually made our affiliate program even better because it added an extra income stream for our affiliates and, of course, I am all in favour of that.

It also represents the kind of relationship that I really like – a genuine win-win opportunity. I get the chance to contribute and even influence the direction of this exciting new concept and in return, my books get distributed to a much wider audience. In addition, it has opened an additional revenue stream for me which can be no bad thing.

You would think that making my decision should have been a lot easier. But I am conscious of having only a limited pot of resources, especially in terms of my time, and as I have repeatedly said here, all choices have consequences. One of those consequences for me, right now, is that I have people who are eager to work with me and such projects are taking a lot longer than normal. It is something that I will need to come to terms with because I feel the decision I have made is the right one.

So, if you need to make an important decision, you might like to try my decision-making process. First, think about those words of Søren Kierkegaard, then take the dog for a nice long walk. The answer will come to you from within. You will simply know the right thing to do.

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