Now What Was I Going to Write About?

Now then, I do remember that I wanted to post something here, but what on Earth was it now? Ah yes … I remember, it was about how to go about improving your memory.

You know something? There are psychologists who believe that we never actually forget anything. We may have difficulty retrieving information, in other words, problems with the recall mechanism, but we don’t actually forget as such. That is why techniques like hypnosis can be so effective in helping people to recall things they thought they had forgotten of course.

At present, my mother is having quite a bit of difficulty with her memory. It happens to many people when they get older. However, you can definitely improve your ability to remember things by engaging in a course of study and exercising that old grey matter. In fact, I – here and now – resolve to complete my masters when I have retired. I should have a bit more time for it then. And, as I said, it will keep the devil at bay; and, by the way, the devil’s name is Alzheimer’s.

It’s an interesting subject: memory. To commit something to long-term memory requires repetition of the important information over time because, in order to remember, your brain needs to physically grow connections. These new connections between brain cells (neurons) just don’t happen instantly, but you can train yourself to remember.

The ability to retain and recall important information is a key skill upon which, to a large extent, the degree of success you will attain is dependent. You therefore owe it to yourself to spend a little time working with your mind to improve that ability. And, of course we have a little free book that can help you. You can find it here …

Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory

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