Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Increase Your Self Confidence, Improve Your Focus and Reduce Stress - Instantly!


Our Advanced Hypnosis Sessions are Proven to Deliver ...

There is nothing mystical about Programming the Mind for Success. With these Advanced Hypnosis sessions incorporating NLP you are able to do just that. Hypnosis is a very powerful and natural state of mind which everyone is able to achieve and you can access this heightened state of awareness very easily with our Advanced Hypnosis MP3 Audios.

The power to produce lasting and meaningful change is actually already within you and you can use it to achieve many things - including ...

  • Stop Smoking for Good
  • Increase Self Confidence
  • Lose That Weight
  • Improve Your Focus
  • Reduce Stress

And lots more! And yes ... with Our Hypnosis sessions, this permanent change can take place instantly!

On each of our MP3 audios, a qualified Hypnotherapist will expertly guide you to this beautiful state of mind. Can you imagine what you might achieve in terms of power, status, wealth and success, when you can literally program your mind for success?

Drawing on a wealth of professional experience, we have created a set of five powerful Advanced Hypnosis sessions which will allow you to reprogram your mind using powerful NLP techniques.

Instant Success!
With Our Powerful Hypnosis  Sessions ...


 Introduction Explaining How it Works

Advanced Hypnosis & NLP Combined

Hypnosis-Inducing Music & Sounds

Professional Hypnosis Sessions

Top Quality Digitally Mastered Audio

A Stunningly Affordable Price!

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Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Increase Your Self Confidence,
Improve Your Focus and Reduce Stress - Instantly!

What People Are Saying ...


"Our Advanced Hypnosis sessions have been THE most popular on the web with great testimonies of Success from many Excited Customers."

"I have worked in private hypnosis sessions with two (expensive) hypnotherapists and, truthfully, I find your tapes are just as effective ...  I've struggled for years with food issues, and your weight loss recording truly helped me find a new direction.  

After finding success myself with one of your recordings, I purchased one for my husband - and I've seen him use it quite a bit!  Now, I have a few of your recordings, and I use them whenever I need to refocus or uplift my mind.  Thank you for making hypnosis affordable, accessible and life-enhancing."

M.I. New York, N.Y.

If you want to Improve Your Self-Confidence, Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Cope with Stress or Improve your Ability to Concentrate, the real answer lies in changing the way you think.

Hypnosis is an extremely effective way of changing the way you think and helping you to achieve those important goals. Let's take a look at the things you can program you mind to achieve ...


Stop Smoking
Quit Smoking Hypnosis


Do you want to quit smoking those cigarettes that make you feel unhealthy and negative about yourself? Our highly effective one session MP3 will deliver the results you want.


You can quit smoking for good and achieve the healthy lifestyle you want with our Quit Smoking Session. 80% of people who listen to this Hypnosis session quit smoking  instantly!


Self Confidence
Self-Confidence Hypnosis

Do you think you can do it? I mean, do you think you're capable of accomplishing whatever you desire? You will after letting these advanced power suggestions of self-confidence sink deeply into your mind!

Allow yourself to experience a completely new level of self-confidence that cannot fail to impress.


Weight Loss
Weight Loss Hypnosis

Are you tired of failing with diet pills, exercise programs and fad diets? Then listen to our Weight-Loss Download and get started right away on the road to permanent, sustainable weight-loss!

You can literally program your mind to achieve the weight loss you desire. Weight loss is powerfully effective when working with the subconscious mind.



Stress Relief
De-Stress Hypnosis

Can you recall those days, as a child, playing outside with your friends all day, never knowing that stress would be a part of your life someday?


Imagine being able to recreate that state of mind where the layers of stress that you experience as an adult are pulled away from your mind and body. Ahhh! It feels so good. You know you deserve some relief!



Power Focus
Concentration Hypnosis

Do you experience difficulty with concentration? For many visually-stimulated learners, external distractions can be a major source of difficulties in our private lives and in our work.

In the Power of Focus session, you will find the tool you need to improve your abilities to achieve laser sharpness when it matters!



And You Get the Whole Pack!
ALL 5 Hypnosis Downloads

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Four and a Half Hours of Audio in Five MP3 Advanced Hypnosis Sessions using the Power of NLP ...
Checkmark  Quit Smoking
Full Hypnosis Session
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Full Hypnosis Session
Checkmark  Weight Loss
Full Hypnosis Session
Checkmark  Reduce Stress
Full Hypnosis Session
Checkmark  Power Focus
Full Hypnosis Session
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We Believe in Value for Money

At White Dove Books, we are passionate about Personal Development. We believe that every human being has the capability of becoming a person who can truly make a difference in the world; and it is our mission to help by providing products of outstanding value that help people develop and realize their full potential.


We also strongly believe in the principle of Value-for-Money and we are able to make this exceptional offer because of our very low overheads operating on the Internet.




My Personal Guarantee
100% Solid Gold Guarantee

Your purchase is backed by my Personal Guarantee - and I'll give you a full 8 weeks to make your decision. 

When you order you will receive my personal email address. If you are not satisfied, for any reason whatsoever, simply let me know and I will issue a full refund promptly and courteously -
no questions asked. So you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Will Edwards


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We are so confident that you will be delighted with your purchase that we offer the best guarantee on the internet. You can safely try our products for free because it is our policy to refund any purchaser who is unhappy with a purchase for whatever reason - unconditionally!


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