A Native Love Affair (Supernatural Western Cowboy Ranch Romance)


What would you do if you caught your fiancé in bed with the new fiery redhead in town?

Well, Amber Highland is determined to get as far away as possible to the rural town of Eatonville, far away from the city and her scum bag cheating fiancé. There, Amber crosses paths with a determined, stubborn but dreamy cattle rancher, Jake Robertson.

Amber soon sets her sights on Jake, however, so have all the single women in town. But that’s not the only attraction in town. Strange paranormal occurrences have been appearing in the town of small and peaceful town of Eatonville. Soon Amber discovers that there is a dark and dangerous secret to this place.

What will Amber uncover?

At the end of this novel is a bonus book ‘Silver City Seductions’ and an exclusive new novel yet to be published and only available through this box set. It’s book one from Laura Fletcher’s new upcoming Romance Series!

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