My Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Today, I continued the initial setting up of my new WordPress Blog and this brought me the opportunity to explore the whole arena of plugins. Never having used the platform before, I was impressed at the sheer number of what look like extremely useful plugins, all of which can be installed with a few clicks of the mouse. So I thought it might be useful for me to list some of the ones I decided would be useful to me:

1. Akismet

This is an anti-spam plugin. It uses rules to determine if blog comments look like spam or not, and it automatically flags suspicious items for subsequent review by the moderator. In addition, it learns as it goes, which is always a great feature in my book.

2. All in One SEO Pack

Just as the Twenty Ten Weaver theme saved me a lot of time with making the blog look the way I wanted, so this plugin saved me a lot of time meddling about with the underlying code. Just answer a few questions, fill in a few boxes, and there you go – you get nicely optimised meta code.

3. RSS Importer

I had already mentioned RSS Importer in my previous post about setting up the blog but I thought I would mention it again in this list of useful plugins. It saved me a lot of time by initially populating my blog with posts from my older Blog’s (Blogger Blog) rss feed.

4. Ezinearticles

This plugin enables syndication of blog posts as articles within the eZinearticles site. As I already use eZinearticles for this purpose, but hitherto have managed this activity manually, I just can’t wait to get started using this one.

5. WP Login Security

A nice security plugin that records the Admin IP address and checks to see if the IP addie of the user logging-in actually matches. You can white list a number of IP adresses you actually use and it will send the admin user an email if anyone attempts to login from a non-recognised IP address. A simple, but effective security control.

So there you have my own Top 5 plugins for WordPress – at least for the present. As I said, I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of what look like very useful plugins that I will be exploring over time. And I’ll keep you posted, of course.

3 thoughts on “My Top 5 WordPress Plugins

  1. Jan Cilliers

    A very informative aticle! I use two of the recommended plugins and will download the other three immediately. Thanks, Will! Good stuff as always!

  2. Michael Christian

    Well noted! God bless you!

  3. Leona

    just wanted to say thank you for your nice list and that i tweeted it

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