My Shortest Blog Post Ever?

This could be the shortest blog post I have ever made but I was thinking about how I could get to know my subscribers in a bit more detail and I was wondering about how many people who read the newsletter also have their own blogs. So, as usual when I do this kind of thinking, I came up with an idea. It’s pretty simple: why not let me write for you?

This idea will hopefully allow me to get to know you a little better and, if you have a website, perhaps we might work out some long term way of co-operating for mutual benefit. As usual, this is a genuine attempt to craft a win-win idea. You can select the subject and I will write for you – simple as that.

If you have a blog that serves the personal development space and you would like me to write you an original article completely free, then please use the contact form at this site to send me your details. I’ll visit your blog and, provided it deals with a relevant subject, I will write you a good quality, original article.

In return, I will just ask that you allow me to leave a link in the resource box at the foot of the article. This is much the same thing that we offer here to our guest bloggers.

Well, I guess there’s not much else to say about this idea. I told you it could be the shortest post I have ever made didn’t I?

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