My Second Gratitude Post

Well, I thought it was time for me to make another gratitude post. Most of the items below are just little things I though about on my morning walk today. However, some of them were triggered by just sitting in my study writing this post. Great art for example. I have a print of Picasso’s Dove of Peace above my desk and I also have a print of Salvador Dali‘s Persistence of Memory in my study.

Once I decided to list art amongst the things for which I am grateful, it seemed natural to also list the stars which I always connect with art because I think they are both ways of listening to God. So, just as I said in my previous post on the subject, once you start making your own list, I am sure you will find there are many more things to put on there than perhaps you first thought. OK, so here we go.

I Am Grateful for:

  • My dog, who is always so pleased to see me, who reminds me that I am also supposed to treat every person I meet as if they are the most important person in the world.
  • My critics, who remind me that I am far from perfect and help me to understand why my work on improving myself will never actually finish.
  • Music which inspires me and uplifts my spirit, helping me to understand why I know that there is more to life than we can appreciate in this iteration of our experience.
  • Laughter, the medicine that infects me and convulses my body, healing me and causing me to remember what it was like to be a child.
  • Language that gives expression to the beauty of the human spirit and provides the mechanism to directly connect with another person’s heart.
  • Great art that challenges me to see things from an alternative perspective and helps me to understand that there really is no correct view of anything.
  • The stars that reveal the true magnitude and splendour of the creation within which we live and remind me just how tiny and insignificant we are in the grand order of things.
  • Trees that live for hundreds of years, through many human conflicts, steadily becoming more beautiful and reminding me that slow growth is always good growth.
  • The birds that fly about my neighbourhood singing out their little hearts and reminding me in the process that I too am a free spirit.
  • The flowers in my garden that perennially brighten up my life, elicit powerful associations by their evocative scents and remind me that life is a continuous cycle.
  • Local squirrels that move in the most wonderful undulating sine waves, fend for themselves and teach me that we live in a truly abundant world.
  • Butterflies that migrate half way around the world, helping us to understand the astonishing power in grace and gentleness and showing how life really can follow death.
  • Honey bees that live in perfect communities and demonstrate the essence of what can be achieved through the agency of a well organised society.

Well, that’s it for now. But, I know this is still just really the start of my list. I am sure to return to this subject again and again as I continue to make my own little gratitude journal here. I hope also to inspire you to do something similar. Remember that, as some wise person once said, “a grateful heart cannot be a hateful heart”. Personally, I think that’s very true and that’s, partly, why I am trying to cultivate an attitude of gratitude as a step forward in my own personal development. Why don’t you join me?

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