My Not-So-Secret Blog Club

Recently, I was reading a post at Darren Rowse’s blog over at Problogger about his traffic generation tactics and he mentioned a ‘Secret Blog Network’. I immediately started doing a bit of research and discovered that it is a little club of bloggers who help and support each other. They link to each other, tweet each other’s posts and comment on each other blogs.

The idea made me think that perhaps we ought to do the same sort of thing in the self improvement, self growth and motivation niche. So, if you are a blogger writing for this audience, I would like to invite you to participate.

To get things rolling, I’ll visit your blog and, provided it is of decent quality (I guess you’ll have to trust me on this) I’ll review it here at the Inspiration Blog. That would give you quite a bit of exposure because you will get the following benefits:

  • A High Quality Do Follow PR5 Link
  • A Tweet in our Tweet-Stream
  • The Post Appears on Our Facebook Fanpage
  • The Post Appears in our Newsletter

In return, I would ask you to simply review this blog on your blog – does that sound fair?

What this proposal will do is build a list of people with quality sites who are actively blogging in the personal development niche. I will then publish that list here and you will then be able to contact anyone in the list and do a similar ‘review swap’ with them. Once the ‘Not-So-Secret Blog Club’ gets going, we could discuss other ways we could help each other.

Imagine what might happen if we could get, say, 50 active bloggers together who are each influential and writing within our niche. Each of those 50 blogs could be featured on everybody else’s blog if we were all to commit to the idea. It would also give you something to be writing about – solving another perennial blogging problem for many people.

Great ideas, I have found, are often simple; they begin small and just grow. So there it is: a simple idea that could take off.

Interested? Just leave a comment below.

3 thoughts on “My Not-So-Secret Blog Club

  1. Hi Will, that sounds like a fantastic idea to me. For somebody brand-new it will get them the audience they desire quickly, as I’m just finding out how difficult and long-winded starting up from scratch and building a base of regular readers and/or subscribers can be. For others it will broaden the audience they already have and create more interest.

    Win-Win I think.



  2. Hi Will,

    What you’re describing very closely resembles something that one of my associates and I did as an experiment a couple of years ago. As part of the training we were providing for a group of about 50 people who were involved in the same MLM business we were (although not necessarily in our direct downline), we had our people form “teams” of 3-4 people each, and had each team set up a Blogger blog relating to their business and how it relates to improving the lives of others in general.

    We then instructed those teams to:

    1. Post regularly to their individual blogs – at least 3x per week minimum, including certain specific keywords in their content and in the tags related to those posts, and

    2. Visit the blogs of each of the other teams and post comments on those blogs about that specific post, making sure to place the URL for their own blog as the “website” link in the commenter’s ID…

    As a result, our teams were able to achieve total domination of the first page of Google and Yahoo for those particular keywords – in a matter of just a couple of DAYS – and that position held for as long as everyone maintained their blogs and continued to comment on others!

    There’s no reason why THIS project couldn’t achieve the same kind of results, especially if everyone follows the same type of routine, working in concert with one another. The reason my associate and I had our people form teams was so that each individual would only have to come up with one or two posts per week (many of them weren’t prolific writers, but all of them felt they could grind out at least ONE post per week…).

    There were many “side benefits” from doing things the way we did. Aside from achieving high SERP placement for ALL of our blogs, the formation of teams of people working together injected a “social” element into the mix that translated into a synergy that was very powerful (and difficult to describe in mere words!).

  3. Hi Will, what a great idea. It’s great to help support each other like this, especially for business owners within the personal development niche. Isn’t this what all of our business’s are about, helping others? Id be happy to circulate your posts. My business is quite new in terms of mailing lists, but I would be happy to help you, or any other personal development blogger when ever I can. Regards, Andrea

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