A Different Kind of Christmas List

With Christmas now just six weeks away, you may be thinking about starting your shopping and also about compiling a little list of things that you would like to receive as gifts from other people. Compliling your own gift list is always a good idea because when Aunt Agatha asks you what you would like for Christmas, you can actually tell her rather than saying “oh anything really” or “I’m not really sure”.

You may recall that some time back I made a few posts about the random act of kindness idea which, as I said at the time, I think is a great idea. Well, at their forum, I came across a neat little extension to the basic idea that I thought I would mention to you. It concerns creating a Christmas Gift List, but not the usual sort of list. Let me explain.

You are sure to have come across the idea of donating or sponsoring something or someone worthwhile. So this idea is to compile a list of donations you would like to make and then use it as your own Christmas Gift List so that, instead of people buying you a present, they buy you a subscription, donation or sponsorship. Get the idea?

RAoK Christmas List:

World Vision – Help me to Sponsor a Child

UNICEF – Help me to help Children

International Cancer Research – Help me to fight cancer

Oxfam International – Help me fight famine

Water Aid – Help me to provide clean water

Of course, the above is just an example to give you the idea. You decide which charities and/or people who wish to support. Then you make your own RAoK Christmas List and give it to your friends and relatives who ask you what you want for Christmas. The charities above are all international charities, but you might like to donate to some local organisation and you can really enjoy yourself coming up with your own little list.

With Christmas just around the corner, there will be people wondering what to buy for you and there comes a time in life when you probably have everything you need. So, personally, I think this is a great idea. Wouldn’t you like to give a little gift to someone really in need rather than get another pair of socks or a present that is never going to come out of the wrapper?

Remember that It Is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive (Acts 20:35). Anyway, it is certainly something for us all to think about and, if you do decide to do this, please leave a comment below letting me know which charity, person or organisation you decided to help.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

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