Mentoring and Why You Need it

A number of years ago, the company I worked for introduced a mentoring program. That was the first time I had been involved in mentoring. At that time, I learned that the term ‘mentor’ derives from a character in Homer’s Odyssey. Mentor was a friend of Odysseues who placed his own son, Telemachus, in his charge when he went to the Trojan War.

Because of Mentor’s nurturing relationship with Telemachus, that included him providing encouragement and practical plans for his personal advancement, the term ‘mentor’ became adopted in English as meaning someone who ‘imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with a less experienced colleague’ (Wikipedia).

Finding the right mentor can be the key to your success in many diverse areas of life. In effect, you get the chance to benefit from someone else’s hard won experience. You get the benefit of knowledge without having to make the usual investment in the school of hard knocks. The right mentor can provide you with access to a very rare thing indeed – a genuine shortcut to the success you desire.

Of course, the key is finding the right mentor. You really need to find someone who has already accomplished exactly what you are presently trying to achieve. That way, you can be sure that the information you are receiving comes from the real world and not from some book, theory, idea or other notion. That is the kind of information that is absolutely invaluable because it can save you all of the effort you would otherwise have to put into the laborious process of trial and error.

Over the years I have mentored a number of people to success in online marketing. They were people who approach me directly and asked me to help them and I did so, free of charge, because I wanted the experience. I felt that, at some future time, I might offer my personal mentoring services to my own subscribers and I wanted to be sure that I could impart the necessary knowledge and skills to guarantee their success.

What I discovered was that people tend to get stuck somewhere. Sometimes it is with the business thinking – strategy – and sometimes it is with the technical stuff. Sometimes they get confused with their direction and sometimes they lose their focus. That’s why I wanted my own mentoring program to include a strong personal element to provide genuine help when people get stuck.

My mentoring program makes no ridiculous claims to make you rich quickly and it does not pretend to be anything it isn’t. It is a genuine opportunity to learn from someone who has been running a successful website for the past eight years. I gave up the day job about a year ago after seven years of working out how to make this stuff work. All of that experience is available to people who wish to join my program.

Places are strictly limited because, at the level of commitment I am providing, I can take just 50 students. At present, I have (at the time of writing) just 34 places remaining on my Personal Mentoring course which is designed for anyone who wants to start a successful online business. If that is you, then I can promise you there is no finer course available anywhere on the internet.

To see what is possible for you, click here to view the introductory video.

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