Maximise Your Brain Power

Here are 5 simple tips for boosting your brain powers:

1. Remember To Boost Your Memory

The skill of remembering things is connected with the activating brain cells to build new pathways. The more excited they are, the more likely you are to remember things. Acetylcholine is the key ingredient for making this happen. Made from choline, it is found in eggs, liver and soya beans. Vegetables also help the brain to remember. Researchers found people who eat more vegetables to be better in memory tests than their peers. So, a good helping of cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower will also help you remember.

2. Lift Moods and Lose Weight

Stress is one of those emotions people often take the shortcut to relieving. Whilst it’s true that eating sugary food and fats can relieve stress in the short term – in the long term the health problems they cause end up causing more stress.

That leads to a vicious circle (or perhaps a vicious doughnut) of eating fat foods that will take you nowhere. Research also shows that sugar changes the brain’s responses so you need more sugar to feel the same level of relief and pleasure. So try to cur down on sugar. Try exercising instead, and if you want a steady release of sugars, eat fruit, pasta or wholegrain bread. These will do your brain and body some good.

3. Smooth Running

You can’t ignore omega 3 fats when talking about the brain. As a super powerful processing unit in your skull, your brain sends messages along neural pathways continually. Those pathways have a fatty insulating sheath made of myelin, for which omega 3 fats are a vital ingredient.

Make sure you get your omega 3 fatty acids from salmon, tuna, flaxseed oil, canola oil, walnuts, wheat germ and eggs.

4. Concentrated Foodstuff

Being able to concentrate properly relies on having good neurotransmitters in your brain – these are the chemicals that carry all those messages along between your neurones (brain cells). One neurotransmitter that can’t be made directly by the body is tryptophan. you can get it straight from foods such as: egg white, spirilina, cod, soya beans and cheese.

5. Water on the Brain

Mild levels of dehydration can impair mental capacity. It is vital that you hydrate – not just for your brain – but your whole body, too! So get plenty of water into your system, regularly!

Feeding your brain the right food will mean that you stay more alert, smarter and focused for longer.

Article courtesy of The Best You Magazine.

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