Making Money: The Magic Key

Today, as I read another post at the internet marketing forum I frequent (The Warrior Forum) asking the ubiquitous question (how do I make money online?), I wondered why it is that people should keep asking that question when, at that forum, there are a ton of great posts by experienced marketers just waiting for them to read.

It started me thinking and I wondered if the people who start that kind of thread would understand how ridiculous it would be to go to a forum dedicated to health and then ask, ‘how do I lose weight?’ The thing is, you would get answers. But the answers would be very general. Things like: eat less or exercise more or eat healthy foods or something like that. See – they are all correct answers and they address the question, but it is not what many people want to hear.

What people want is the ‘magic key’. Now, I know this phrase is bandied about quite a bit, but let me stay with the diet industry and remind you how many people are selling magic keys: what about the idea of a drink that replaces a meal for example. See how easy that is: drink this stuff and the weight will drop off you? Or what about diet pills? Again quick and easy: take the pills and lose the weight. We could go on: liposuction, gastric bands, etc but hopefully, you get the idea.

The same is true with making money online. What it takes is the capacity to make a decision about how you are going to approach the project (I like to call this strategy). Then, when you have your overall strategy worked out, you need to create a plan and then comes all of that effort and persistence in the face of initially unrewarding results. It takes belief in your own abilities and a deep down, dogged determination to succeed, but that’s not what people want to hear. Many people want a piece of software you run on your PC that fills their bank account up with money (see, it’s just like diet pills).

From the foregoing, I hope you can see why we have diet pills and diet drinks. It’s not that they don’t work – not that I have any direct experience of them – because I expect that they do. It is because there is a market for them. The companies that sell them have identified a group of people who have a specific problem and got to understand how they think. Then they have positioned themselves as the natural provider of the solutions for which their prospects are searching.

Here is what you need to do to make money online:

  • Strategy: Decide on your overall approach and set your goals
  • Planning: Work out a detailed plan of how you will get there
  • Effort: Get cracking and stay in motion
  • Focus: Stay focused on your goals and do not be distracted
  • Attitude: Be determined and persistent

When you come across really good advice, it may not be what you want to hear. It is like being told you need to eat more healthily and exercise more. It is like being told that diet pills are bad for your health by people who have lost weight before you. It is like being told that diet drinks are not healthy. But (staying with weight loss for a moment) if you can take it on board that is what you really need to do to lose weight, then you could start searching for more useful information like, ‘how many calories are there in a McDonalds milkshake’ for example. I understand that analogies confuse some people, but hopefully not you.

If you are still searching for the magic key … stop! When you finally take on board that the general answer to how to make money online is contained in this post (strategy, planning, effort, focus, determination) you can actually get on with the business of planning your way to success and making it happen, all of the time optimising your working methods as you go.

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  1. Delton

    Great post Will.
    I agree with your 5 points and also agree everyone is looking for a different answer to their questions. Those 5 points will work for about anything anyone wants to accomplish.

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