Logan’s Torch

With the Olympic Games scheduled to begin in just three weeks, the Olympic Torch is making its way around the country at present. As I wrote previously, it went right past my house.

Today, however, a paper imitation of an Olympic Torch is being sold on eBay and, at the time of going to press, bidding had already passed £150K ($230K). ‘Logan’s Olympic Torch Relay’ is raising money for a charity (Let’s Hear it for Deaf Children) that provides dogs for deaf kids.

Logan McKerrow, who is single-handedly responsible for starting a quite amazing sequence of events, is just 5 years old. After hearing that some runners who had carried the real torches had sold them on eBay, he asked his Mum (Kerry) if he could do the same with the paper replica he had made at school. In so doing, he raised £21 ($32.49) which he donated to the charity.

What then happened was that the person who bought the torch was so impressed with Logan’s kindness and generosity that she relisted the item on eBay and also donated the funds to the same charity. That has started a snowball effect with the torch, so far, having been purchased 3 times with each of the three people donating the funds to the charity. The current owner of the torch (Karen) has also listed the item on eBay and the auction is still in progress at the time of writing.

Here’s the journey of Logan’s Torch (so far):

  • Logan’s Torch sells for £21. Purchaser relists on eBay
  • Torch sells for £61 Purchaser (Clare) relists on eBay
  • Torch sells for £56 Purchaser (Karen) relists on eBay

In the process of being sold and delivered across the country, Logan’s torch has so far made its way from Chard (Somerset) to Shifnal (Shropshire) and then on to Gillingham (Dorset). Who knows how many more people will be caught up in the spirit of this unofficial relay and who can tell where the torch will travel next?

Clare and Karen (and the unknown first purchaser), it is a wonderful thing you have done and you deserve every credit. But today, young Logan, YOU are my hero!

You can view the current auction details for yourself here.

Photo via Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

EDIT: Since going to press, Logan’s Torch sold for £10,900 ($16.867).

4 thoughts on “Logan’s Torch

  1. Gary

    The goodness in people will always shine through when needed. What a contrast to the stories we normally read out of England. Stories of race riots, mayhem and Olympic bus drivers losing their way. For once you Poms have got it right and a young lad with a real heart has lead the way. Bloody great effort by all concerned. To Logan, all I can say is “Good on ya mate”.

  2. chris seward

    Logan is reunited with his Torch at the Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth!

    At lunchtime today Logan, his Mum, sister and Granny travelled from Chard to be reunited with his Torch at the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth – courtesy of Leslie and Howard from Rowlands Castle , who bought it after hearing about it how Logan was raising money for ‘Hearing Dogs for deaf people’.

    South Hants Hearing dogs turned up in force to support Leslie and meet Logan and thank him for his wonderful Torch!

    Logan had never met a ‘real’ Hearing Dog , but today he met Mark and his Hearing Dog Erin, Lisa and her Hearing Dog ,Inca and Hearing Dog puppies Ruffle and Joe too!

    All the Hearing Dogs were very well behaved and then went on up Spinnaker Tower to take in the breathtaking views of Portsmouth and have tea with Logan and his family. Is this is highest a Hearing Dog has ever been?

    Thank you Logan so much from Hearing Dogs everywhere and Leslie and Howard for continuing his wonderful fundraising idea!
    By: Christine Seward

  3. Rose Taylor

    This story warms your heart, this boy is amazing.

  4. Chreda

    It is great to see charitable work being done by one so young. We are a children’s charity which focuses on helping the youth of this country develop spiritually (in the greater sense of that word) and want to encourage more selfless acts like this.

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