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It is often said, in internet marketing circles that the money is in the list. That may be true, but you need to be very careful about how you build your list and how to market to them. Remember that those who opt-in to receive your emails are people, so always treat them well and then you will be rewarded.

That said, building an opt-in list is the best, most effective and smartest investment that you can make in your online business.

Email has replaced regular mail, not just because it is cheaper, it’s also faster. Emails can be sent in as fast as five seconds, depending on the server, to anywhere in the world. Email is used to distribute newsletters, promotional mails, membership content and lot’s of other stuff. And email can be your ally in conquering the web.

Here’s how to create and profit from an opt-in mailing list of your own.

Create Your Website

Creating a website is quite simple these days. An excellent way of creating a website is by using the WordPress platform. It’s free and very easy to use. Alternatively, you could create a free blog (Blogger) with very little effort.

Set up a Freebie

Offer something of value to your visitors (free screensaver, free game, free software, free book etc) in return for an opt-in where your visitors provide you with their name and email address. But be clear about what you will send them in return.

Send Your Subscribers Quality Content

If your visitors are subscribing to a Newsletter, make sure they actually get a Newsletter – not a stream of marketing messages. In your messages, include recommendations to products you have personally tried and found to be beneficial.

Many people attempt to do what is outlined above, but most people manage to get it horribly wrong. Read more about list building in our free book …


Download Instructions

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Once you have downloaded the book, simply Right-Click on the Zipped Folder icon and choose Extract-All, then follow the on-screen instructions to unzip the eBook. Then to read the eBook, double-click on the PDF icon.

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