Life Lessons from an Eleven Year Old

Amanda KohWhen Amanda contacted me to ask if she could write a guest post for the Inspiration Blog, I visited her site and was simply amazed to find that she was just eleven years old.

Writing with style and flair and also displaying remarkable insight for someone so young, I was immediately impressed with her blog. Of course, I agreed to her request, so here are 5 powerful life lessons from Amanda …

As I turned 11, on the first of March this year, I thought I could do a wrap-up on what life lessons I learnt while I was 10. So, here are the five most powerful life lessons I’ve learned in the past year, including the specific examples that taught me and some action tips to help you become the best YOU this year!

1. A Little More Effort is What You Need

I’m not hiding from the fact that my Chinese (my second language) is not very good.

Anyway, because of the upcoming examinations, we took a mock test. When we got back the results, I almost screamed. From the previous 70%, I had scored 95%! What I did was: I put in a little more effort. What motivated me were my parents. They kept encouraging me to work harder and to cultivate an interest in Chinese.

I put my all in and I achieved good results. Now, I’m working even harder to score in the real thing – which, according to my teacher, is lots harder.

Be powerful! Put a little more effort into whatever you want to succeed in. Want to earn more money? Fine, get more contacts and make calls. Want to succeed in blogging? Fine, read more blogging eBooks, apply the tips and spend more time on your blog.

2. Ask – Otherwise You Won’t Get Anything!

I never actually thought that my parents would fork out more than $300 for a 3 day Adam Khoo camp (which, by the way, I am going to attend in a week or so, so check out my blog then for tips I will have learned by then).

I actually did not want to show the letter to my parents, but I really wanted to go, so in the end, I did. And, thank God I did, because I was going!

Be powerful! If you want something, ask. It won’t guarantee that you’ll get what you want, but you at least will have a shot. If you don’t ask, the chances are very slim that you will get what you want, and then, only if someone knows you well enough to be able to second guess.

3. To Succeed, Accept Criticism with Grace

There was once we had to write a composition for English class. I spent about an hour writing and editing the composition, and I thought it was amazing. Later in school, our teacher asked us to share our pieces.

I shared it proudly, thinking that everybody would love it. But, everybody had a criticism for me. It was helpful criticism that I could use to improve, but I did not realise that at first. I felt irritated. Then, our teacher asked us to do a second draft, and I used the criticism to improve on the piece. We shared our final pieces and everybody thought mine was fabulous, after the editing. I felt amazing too. 🙂

Be powerful! Usually, criticisms are helpful. Unfortunately, not all are. However, whenever you receive criticism on anything, ask yourself – will it help you? If it will, keep it in mind to help you improve, and if not, discard that thought, because it will sabotage you in the longer-term.

4. When Something Benefits … Try!

As part of my efforts to improve my Chinese (see the first lesson), I had subscribed to a Chinese magazine which had lots of questions, composition exercises, etc. It was the first year I had subscribed to it. When I received my first issue, I gave myself an excuse that ‘I had no time to read it’. I admit, I was pretty much put off by the magazine.

However, about a week ago, I decided that since I already ordered it, it would be wasting money if I did not do the exercises. I tried one of the issues and it turned out really interesting, helpful and fun. I loved it.

Be powerful! Whenever you are in doubt with something that actually benefits you, try. You’ll never know whether you’ll like it or not unless you try! Give whatever that thing is a chance, because it may really help you!

5. To Make Friends, Understand and be a Friend

Like every other year, my classmates in school are all jumbled up. I had 3 of my girlfriends (I mean friends who are girls, not love-relationships!) from my old class who stayed in the same class as me. On the first day of school, our teacher let us choose our seats for the next few weeks and we immediately sat together.

However, our teacher later changed our seating arrangement and I found myself sitting beside someone I didn’t know really well. I wanted to make friends with her, so I tried subtle methods. Now, I only know that what I did was simple: understand her, and help her.

We’re kind of best friends now. So, it worked for me.

Be powerful! Ever felt that you needed a friend to talk to but find that everyone didn’t want to talk with you? Perhaps they don’t really treat you as a friend. So, understand and actually be a friend.

This post is written by Amanda Koh of Great Life Blog. She writes unique content over at her blog about personal development, so pop over for a visit and you’ll be inspired, motivated AND educated (in a fun way!).

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  1. Livingstone, thank you so much for the comment! Do you know Adam Khoo? He’s a self-made millionaire when he was quite young, and I was part inspired by him. 🙂

  2. A fact is a fact, whether it comes from an 11 year old, or a grand pa. It is so inspiring to know that Amanda has discovered the very essence of a successful life at such a tender age.

  3. Wow! What an amazing girl. To be this ‘switched on’ at her age is a rare thing indeed. I have no doubt that she will achieve great things in life.

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