Brain Entrainment: Life is Frequency

When you really think about it, what are you at the most fundamental level of existence? If I think about that question, I am inclined to say that my body is made up of cells and those cells are made up of molecules which are made of atoms; so far, so good.

But when we start looking inside atoms, things can start to get a bit whacky. They are made up of sub-atomic stuff like neutrons, electrons and protons and those things are made up of quarks … and so it threatens to go on. In String Theory, I learned that we are postulating quarks to be one-dimensional, oscillating lines.

Firstly, I am stunned (and excited too) to learn that we think that one dimensional objects exist in our three-dimensional space. To borrow an expression I am not inclined to often use – how cool is that? But I also want to say … wow! Did you get it? Now, I don’t want to attempt, for one moment, to oversimplify what is clearly a complex subject, but in essence, according to science, we could very well be made up of one-dimensional oscillating lines or, in other words … frequencies!

Don’t you think it exceedingly odd that science should come round to what spiritual thinkers have been saying for millennia … that life is frequency? According to yogic tradition, for example, material things are made up of vibrations i.e. frequency. For hundreds of years, monks of various religious traditions have used special vibrations (frequencies) to affect mental states for various purposes including healing, spiritual progression and enlightenment.

So it was with interest that I recently downloaded a sample MP3 pack from Unexplainable Frequencies. The company has been producing special frequency audios for the past ten years and they have set up a website to bring their brain entrainment technology to a wider audience. The basic idea is that you can induce frequencies by listening to sounds and you can then get the associated benefits.

Here’s what the company says about how you can use different sound frequencies:

  • 42 Hertz (Experience Meditation as Dedicated Monks Do), is best used in a quiet setting. This is a good frequency to use if you have some time to yourself to relax and meditate.
  • 422.8 Hertz (Associated with the Orbit of Neptune) is best used during creative writing assignments, so listening through your computer while working is suggested.
  • 82 Hertz (Increased Intelligence) would be recommended anytime and anywhere.

The sample pack I downloaded included the following three MP3 recordings:

  • 417 Hz Pure Frequency
  • 417 Hz Bilateral Frequency
  • Seeking-Truth Custom MP3

The 417 Hertz frequency has apparently been found to help facilitate change or undo negative situations. It is also one of the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies used in Gregorian and Sanskrit chants.

Seeking Truth is a 15 minute custom recording; a full session complete with four frequencies, ambient music, and nature sounds.

You can get the Sample Pack free here:

Download Sample Kit

Personally, I found listening to the 417 herz recordings a bit challenging, though I might persist to see what effects it might produce. But I did really enjoy listening to the Seeking Truth recording. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts too.

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