Kindle Spam Problem – Update

In a nutshell – we won!

You may remember that I wrote about the issue of Kindle spam here and here. Essentially, people were uploading our free books to Kindle and then selling them. Actually, I didn’t really mind people selling them (well most of them), but there were a number of problems with the way they were doing it.

One problem was that the formatting looked terrible on Kindle because of the way the images were displayed, so it was a poor user experience. Another was that people were erroneously crediting me as the author of certain books I did not write. I have a simple rule: if it says ‘by Will Edwards’ then it was written by me; if it doesn’t, it wasn’t – simples!

Yet another problem was that some of our free books simply did not permit people to resell them. An example of this was Judith Tramayne’s book Train Your Brain. Judith kindly allows us to give her book away but the rights quite clearly state that it may not be resold. That didn’t stop these spam merchants and, at least at first, the people at Amazon did not seem to want to tackle the problem.

Of course, when we originally put together the free books section, the Kindle did not exist, so we never foresaw any of these difficulties. The advent of the Kindle meant that we needed to revise our Terms of Service which now expressly forbids people to publish our books on the Kindle platform.

After writing to Amazon perhaps half a dozen times and contacting them via their web services on a number of occasions, I was eventually contacted by them this week to be told that all offending titles would be removed from the Amazon site. Today, I checked the site and it seems that this has now been completed.

Within the next couple of weeks, we will be reformatting all of the books in our free section and introducing a new way of rebranding so that people will be able to legitimately make money simply by giving them away. It is a really exciting idea and I can’t wait to get it off the ground. The only problem is time: I now have over 100 books to reformat.

So there you go. Hopefully, the Kindle issue is now closed, but be sure you understand that you may not publish our free books to the Kindle platform. In addition, watch out for a future announcement about our new rebranding facility. If you are looking for a way to make money from our free books, I feel sure that you are going to absolutely love the idea.

One thought on “Kindle Spam Problem – Update

  1. Vince Andrews

    I am very pleased that Amazon did the right thing and removed the books for you.

    It never ceases to amaze me that some people will exploit other peoples work, without thought of how much effort the author put in to it.


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