Just Do It!

Today I collected my figures for the month, typed them all into my spreadsheet and began to carefully strutinise them to see what they might be telling me. Growth is definitely there. I can see an additional 20K visitors found my site last month, so that’s very encouraging and, despite the vagaries of the Adsense data, I can also see an increase in revenue.

It is the end of my first month of being a full time writer and today I was doing a bit of thinking about what I need to do to move forward. Quite unusually, for me, I decided to type the phrase ‘how to make a breakthrough’ into Google and I was rewarded by finding Adrian Savage’s excellent article on the subject, 10 ways to create a breakthrough in your life.

The article is well worth reading. However, the thing that struck me was the following point:

When you think you’ve gone absolutely as far as you can, keep going. You’ve just reached the starting point. Breakthrough can’t happen until you pass the boundaries you believe are there in your life and thought. If you find a boundary, be happy. You’ve just found what you need to break through.

Now I can tell you after a whole month of writing two blog posts per day, in addition to the various other housekeeping tasks that I attend to just to maintain my site, the thought of writing three blog posts per day for a whole month seems overwhelming, after all, it is not that long back that I thought that one post per day was daunting.

However, that is what may be required to drive me forward to the next level. In fact, I am wondering what, say, five posts per day might do to my stats. That is something that I will only find out if I actually manage to achieve it of course. But, thinking about the possibility might at least open the mind to some fresh thinking.

Before you can make a breakthrough, you need to believe that it is possible to perform at a level beyond what you presently consider to represent a limit or barrier. When you can open your mind to the possibility that you could do it, then you are ready to ask yourself how it could be done and until you can do that, you simply won’t get the answers you need.

So, today, that is the question I am going to ask myself: how can I manage to produce five posts per day for the month ahead? Here are some thoughts right off the top of my head. This is not breakthrough thinking. But, as I teach at my workshops, sometimes you need to clear your mind of the thoughts you already have on a subject in order to really access new, original thoughts:

Guest Posts

We do have a guest posting facility in place already, but so far, nobody has decided to have a go. It may be down to my own lack of promotion of the idea, but I guess that I did not think that the opportunity would need too much publicity. We have excellent rankings, we have a good reputation in the blogging community and we have a large readership. Anyone who wanted to write an article and benefit from placing their links on the site should not really need too much convincing.


There are various ways that content can be syndicated via RSS and other means. Indeed, it is something that I do with my own content. It is syndicated on a number of other sites around the web all via RSS. What I have never done, so far, is the reverse i.e. grabbing other people’s content via RSS and publishing it on this site. Why? Because I am concerned about how Google might look upon this in the future. Let’s say that I am not convinced that sites that make extensive use of inbound RSS feeds will be forever immune from future algorithm changes – just my own thoughts.

Purchase Content

This is something that I already do for our free ebooks section, but have never done for my blog posts. If I were to take this idea forward into my blogging activity, I feel that I would still wish to credit the original author, much as would be done with a guest post. Although I don’t have any difficulty, in principle, with allowing others the opportunity to post here, I think I owe it to my readers to provide my own thoughts primarily.

Conduct Interviews

This is an idea that I have never tried. I have given plenty of interviews in the past for other people’s products, but have never interviewed experts as a source of new material for this site. In principle, I like the idea because it potentially represents a way of growing personally, at the same time. It is always good to hear what other people think.

Just Do It

As Nike say, just do it!

Well, as tough as it may seem to me right now, the essence of making a breakthrough is first believing you can do it and then just getting on with it. Thinking back to the original difficulty I had with just making the commitment to produce one post per day, I realise that I have managed to surpass that level of effort. These days, I have a habit of writing my first post for the day before I go down for breakfast, so there is plenty of time in the day for me to just get on with the process of writing – isn’t that what a writer is supposed to do anyway?

Well, there are my initial thoughts. Will I be able to produce five posts per day for the remainder of the month? Well, I don’t know. But do you know something? I am prepared to give it a shot because perhaps it is in the doing that the way will open up. I am reminded of that wise old saying ‘if it is going to be, it has to be me.’

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