Joe Power: A Man Who Sees Dead People?

Today, I received a rather odd comment on my blog post about Derren Brown’s programme on Joe Power. As I sometimes do, I thought I would answer this in open forum.

Here is the comment …

Did you take into consideration the corruption and the edit, if you would like to be an honest man then interview me over the programme and look at the solicitor’s letters the viewers have been robbed people call them self spiritual if people that is the case you will blow the corruption that Derren Brown committed then you can give a fair and balanced blog with your findings.

– Joe Power

Note: I corrected the spelling, but decided to leave the grammar alone as I did not wish to unwittingly distort meaning.

As you can see, the person concerned left his/her name as Joe Power – that’s what got my attention. However, the first thing I noticed was that the email address submitted was that of a Claudine Hope. A little investigation led to the contact page at Joe’s website. Apparently, Caludine is somehow involved in the management side of Joe’s business.

Naturally, I wondered why Joe’s management would be contacting me about the post. Again, a bit more investigation revealed that I have excellent Google rankings for a few terms relating to the Derren Brown show. From what others have said, it seems that Joe’s PR does follow up comments on the web in an effort to ‘straighten the record’ particularly in relation to Derren Brown’s show about Joe.

Whilst at Joe’s site, I read a bit about his story. He is a man who claims to genuinely be able to see dead people and he also claims to have assisted police with several high profile murder cases. So, I sent an email to Claudine accepting the interview offer. It should be very interesting to see where this goes.

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