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Jack Black comes from Glasgow, north of the border in Scotland (UK). I first came across Jack’s work about 7 years ago (at the time of writing) when I was working at my last job. I was lucky enough to be given a set of his tapes; and I listened to them endlessly, with great pleasure and satisfaction.

Jack is the founder of Mindstore and author of two best-selling books. He is a renowned speaker and a minor celebrity in Scotland. Each year he addresses hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals, focusing on all aspects of personal development

His early career was in Education and Social Services. He spent seven years investigating personal development and as a result of his research decided to form his company, Mindstore in 1990 in order to teach his own personal development programme.

The programme is the culmination of Jack Black’s life work and it represents an innovative approach to personal development. Through the Mindstore programme, Jack demonstrates how the application of mental tools can produce positive attitudes to help individuals attain peak performance. He has taught this programme to people from all walks of life including leading athletes, musicians and company directors.


The House on the Right Bank is Jack Black’s powerful method for applying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques. You access the house via relaxation and imagination and each room is used for different purposes.

The Garden is the place to walk & meditate. The Editing Suite is for calling up events of the past & changing your associations with them. It is also for recording your ‘future history’. The Conditioning Gym is for recharging your batteries. Step on the pad, press the button and as a beam of pure blue energy bathes your body you are revitalised.The Records Room is the place to keep your mission statement & your goals recorded & displayed. The Showering Area is used for washing away all the pent up emotion & stress of the day

Because I have a poor imagination, I decided to actually create my own house – you can take a look at my house by clicking on the link above -and also to actually draw a picture of my ‘future history’ & I have found these practices to be extremely useful because they help me to imagine the house better when I do the visualisation itself.

Quotations by Jack Black

“I thought to myself, it can’t be as simple as writing down a few goals … but it is!”

“Delete that Program and replace it with a positive!”

“Bell-Jar on!”

“The greatest gift in life is the ability to think great thoughts and have the strength to take action so that those thoughts become reality in this wonderful and abundant world.”

“It only works!”

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