Inspirational Wallpapers

Today we added a whole range of beautiful wallpapers to the site. These inspirational, desktop wallpapers can brighten-up your Desktop instantly. You can even download the entire set and use them as your own inspirational screensaver. At present we have 20 images, which are all available in 1024×768 resolution, but we may add higher resolution versions if there is sufficient demand.

Just use the link below to browse the images. When you find the one you want, right-click and then’Save Picture As’ to save the image to your Desktop in the normal way. Once the image is on your Desktop, you can add it as a Wallpaper by right-clicking in the Desktop Area on your PC, then choosing ‘Personalize’, ‘Desktop Background’.
Alternatively, you can change both your Wallpaper and/or Screensaver from the Control Panel which you can access via the Windows Start Button.

Get your Inspirational Wallpaper/Screensaver here …

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