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Sunday, 10 January 2010

We all know that there is one creator of this world and his creation is an absolute joyous one. If we view this creation in a positive light we can definitely see the wonder of it all. But we do have to see it positively. Unfortunately so many people have a negative view of the world and then their view of the world appears to be full of misery and of bad happenings. It does so often seem that only bad news makes news. If we count the headlines in a news program, ninety percent will be depressive or highlighting somebody's indiscretions. Very rarely does a success story feature as the top headline of a news bulletin.

Is it any wonder then that so many people have such a negative picture of God's creation?

This last week has seen much, if not all of the United Kingdom covered in snow. There have been record low temperatures, deeper drifts of snow than can be remembered and travelling conditions fraught with danger. Salt to grit the roads are now in short supply and the country is criticized for not being able to cope when such weather conditions arise.

All negative viewpoints.

Today the snow came down heavier than ever. It could have been so easy to lie in bed, stay in front of the fire and basically vegetate. But I didn't want to do this. Despite the protests of my oldest son Dale, my wife Tonya, Dale, Charlie (my youngest boy) and I donned our thick coats, Wellington boots, hats and gloves and walked into town choosing the scenic route for our walk. We snowballed each other, rolled in the snow and warmed ourselves in one of the cafes in town. Along the way we met numerous people that we knew, all of them enjoying the abundance of the season that is part of God's creation. The local hillsides were crammed with children sledging and having fun. To crown the day, inspired by the many we had seen on our walk, we all pulled together to make a huge snowman in our garden.

To me, this was seeing and experiencing the wonderful creation of the world. It was such a simple pleasu! re yet s o wonderful a way to spend the day. We could have stayed in doors and bemoaned the bad weather and written off the day. But making the most of what had been put before us was the positive way to spend the day.

If we really want to we can look beyond the bad news that seems to be thrust upon us regularly through the course of a day. Open our eyes and we can see the good things. We take for granted the courteous actions that so many people deliver each day. If we stopped for just one minute we could all recognize these actions and appreciate that this is God's good grace coming forth. It is hard to remember the good because we take it for granted but when the bad happens it centres on our minds.

I appreciated so much today the wonders of God's creation. It was with immense gratitude that I had such a joyous time with my family too. Sometimes all it takes is the simple things to appreciate the good in this world.

How fantastic is that?

Terry Norrington

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