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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A candle burns gently, giving a warm glow to dark surroundings. Then a slight breeze blows out that enchanting flame.

Do we see that breeze?

No we don't. But we may feel the cool softness of the air as the breeze brushes our faces.

The operation of a switch brings light to a room in a fraction of a second. The miracle of physics determines that electricity illuminates darkness through that single light bulb.

Do we see the electricity?

No we don't. But we see the results of its work.

A television sitting in the corner of a room beams out a mass movement of light. Radio waves carrying digital information through many miles of space creates that picture on the screen.

Do we see those radio waves?

No we don't. But we can enjoy the stories that they create.

There are so many things that we cannot see yet we feel, see and enjoy the results of.

People doubt God's existence.


Because they cannot see him. This means that there is no proof that he exists. Scientists can tell us how energy creates a breeze, causes electricity to flow and allows radio waves to carry signals through the air. But scientists cannot explain Gods love and the energy that this provides to anybody who opens up their hearts to him.

So he can't exist, can he?

So you want proof!! Look around you.

How did this wonderful creation ever come into being?

Oh!! The whole universe was created by a massive nuclear explosion derived from one small atom. The "Big Bang" theory the scientists call it.

But where did that atom come from?

A mathematician once calculated the odds on life being created on a planet with all the chemicals and atmosphere to sustain that life plus putting the sun, moon and stars in all their corresponding places. It worked out at 1 to the power of billions. Personally I have better things to do with my time, but at least he concluded that life, the world and the universe is too orderly to have been created by such chance.

For those of us in the know, those with faith; we have the knowledge and the wisdom. There is a creator of this beautiful world and all that surrounds it and that creator is God.

We may not be able to see him but we can most definitely feel his presence, see his work and enjoy his love.

How fantastic is that?

Terry Norrington

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