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Saturday, 31 January 2009

At one time it was perfectly legal for school children to be drugged with psychoactive mind-altering drugs as a condition to attend school.

Yes, you read that right. The school administrator or counselor could insist that a certain child could be dozed with mind-altering drugs. However that has now changed and it is no longer legal.

Thank goodness Congress finally passed legislation that bands schools from forcing parents to have their children drugged for behavior problems. This law was even signed by President Bush, believe it or not.

Think about it. Children were denied an education if their parents didn't agree to put them on antidepressants and other drugs we now know cause violent behavior and increased risk of suicide.

This was like the case we saw in the Columbine tragedy when these two kids, who were taking antidepressant, blew away their classmates and teachers. Yet the school districts were still insisting that more children be put on drugs.

Now at least this problem doesn't exist any longer in the school system. However we still have psychiatrist still believing this is something that should be required when a child has a behavior problem.

The birth of ADHD, which is an idiotic disease dreamed up by the medical establishment and Big Pharma, drugs children now. In most cases, the so-called disease is no more than a behavior condition that could be remedied by strong parent discipline.

How do I know this? Because I have a grandson who has been diagnosed with it. To this day as he reaches his twelfth birthday, he has never been disciplined properly.

When I was growing up this same type behavior was corrected with strong words. If that didn't work, a slap on the bare buttocks usually solved the situation. However, now it's usually against the law to take this kind of action.

Now don't get me wrong, I am opposed to child abuse but a slap on the buttocks is not an abusive action unless it causes serious harm to the child. I experienced it a few times as a child and I didn't think my parents were ever abusive.

As a matter of fact, I raised my own children the same way I was raised. My son, who was my biggest problem with behavior, and now an adult at 50 years of age, praises me for the way we raised him.

This world today, I believe, has become a more violent world because many parents neglect to discipline their children in the proper way. It really becomes a disservice to your child when you neglect proper discipline in raising them.

As they grow up, they won't know how to handle resposibilities or the challenges and disappointments in life.

You don't need to have you children drugged, parents, if  you will prepare healthy meals for them, limit or even refrain them from fast food and sweets. Also make sure you add nutritional supplements to their daily diet, too.

This builds up a powerful immune system to help them fight off illnesses and diseases and helps make them a healthier person too.

Now I agree there might be children who have some serious ailments that might need some type of medications. But in most cases if they are on a well proven nutritional program they will usually be able to defend their body against most illnesses and diseases.

One other problem parents need to seriously address is the vaccination program. There are more and more objections to this program then ever before. Some parents are even homeschooling their children to avoid the controversy.

More parents are clearly opposed to the "mandatory" vaccine laws and understand that vaccinations are not the miracle-cure all that will keep their children from getting sick. They are seeing the truth that vaccines carry the risks of serious side effects such as crippling neurological damage like autism and even death.

I encourage all parents to stand their ground. Make the decision to decide the fate of your child and stick with it no matter what happens.

Many American don't seem to stand their ground like they did in my generation. They seem to feel threatened more by public opinion or the law today.

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