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Friday, 12 September 2008

    I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that my avocation is as an artist. I also told you that I've never recieved any formal training in art or painting. None the less with each painting I do each gets a little better than the last. I've even enjoyed that feeling of pride and accomplishment when someone felt my work good enough to acctually pay for it. I know without a doubt that I'll be painting until I can no longer hold a brush in my hand. And I know that one day I will fulfill my life long dream of my art being my means of sustenance.
    I feel myself to be very fortunate to be constantly moving in that direction. Because of that consistant need that I have to be an artist, and the fact that I regularly get better at it, I know that anyone can do anything that they truly desire to do. There is no doubt in my mind - I Know It!
    There are so many examples that one can look to that even more dramaticly illustrate this fact. Pick up any book on some of the greatest leaders, inventors, and thinkers of the world through out time, and you'll find example after example. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Ghandi. The list of these kinds of people, men and women, goes on and on.
    I'm not comparing myself with any of these great people by any means, but would say that they demonstrate an ability that exists in everyone of us, however great or small our individual accomplishments may be. That is, of course, the ability to do what ever it is that we believe we can do, or to be whom ever it is that we want to be!
    Many were ridiculed, villifed, scoffed at, or endured "failure" after "failure" on the road to achieving success, or achieving their goal. Some never lived to see the results of their success or efforts. Despite that, they never bowed to defeat, or denied their unbending faith in who and what they were.
    As I was preparing to write this I, as I do on occasion, picked up my bible and asked God to lead me as to what to write about. I randomly opened the bible with my eyes closed, and placed my finger on the page. Opening my eyes, I read this line from Matthew 27 verse 30. "And they spit on Him, and took the reed, and smote Him on the head."
    This was just after Jesus was scourged, and the soldiers were mocking Him and about to cast lots for His clothes. Well, I thought, "God, why did you choose this, what am I to write about this?" I was hoping, of course for something a little easier; something I "knew" about. I almost chose not to write about it, but changed my mind.
    I realized that this was the epitomy of the example of faith and knowing that I am writing about. Christ has just been beaten to the point of death, he has been mocked and humiliated, and he is about to be nailed to the cross and face His death. He doesn't Believe , that He's the Son of God - He Knows that He's the Son of God! He doesn't Think or Beleive that He'll sit at the right hand of God, He Knows It.
    It is this same knowing that has led many people to great hieghts, and given them the fortitude to persevere in spite of all obstacles. This is the same knowing that is inately in each one of us, we simply need to find it, beleive it and use it in our lives. That's why I titled this Persevere - Never Give Up. You may not feel that you have this ability, you may have tried and failed, you may in fact have given up. I would ask that you give it another try, and another, and another, and yet another. Keep trying; never give up.
    What ever you may be struggleing with, whether it's your faith, your carreer, any aspect of your life at all - Seek and you shall find. Ask and it will be answered. Knock and the door will be opened. Keep seeking, asking, and knocking, and all will be given to you. But above all Know that you will recieve it!
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