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Monday, 8 September 2008

    Have you ever had an experience where something just "clicked", and you thought, "I knew that!", or it just makes sense with other things you know? I had one yesterday, as I was watching the PBS fundraiser on our local station. Their featured "premium" supplier was Dr. Daniel G. Aman, who authored the book "Change Your Brain, Change Yor Life". He essentially writes regarding the functioning of the brain as measured by a "Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography" image, or SPECT image.
    This picture of the brain shows the functioning of the brain as a result of blood flow and other measures, as opposed to a picture of the brain that shows it's structure as in a CAT scan. Dr. Aman is a neuroscientist, a psychiatrist, and a nationally recognized expert on the relationship of the brain and behavior. Certain qualities of the SPECT images can be indicative of certain disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Alzhiemers Disease, substance addiction, etc.
    In other words, if a person suffers from ADD their brain will display certain characteristics in  the SPECT image, while a cocaine addicts will look differently. Again, this is all a measure of the functioning of the different areas of the brain and is strictly a measurement tool. What Dr. Amans claims, is that if you treat your brain differently, physically, it will function differently, and more healthfuly. As with my recent post regarding physics, and the science that that field presents, this argument also makes perfect sense.
    So, to the "I knew that!", moment. One of the things that he discussed was what he calls "Automatic Negative Thoughts", or ANTS. What he said was that you don't have to accept these thoughts, you can question them. "Do you believe this is true?"; "Is this a fact?", "How do you know this?", and so on.
    This clicked because I recently read a book by Don Miguel Ruiz titled "The Voice of Knowledge", a Toltec wisdom book. In his book Mr. Ruiz discusses how we are all the writers, directors, and stars, of our own stories. From birth we have been taught, by others, what is right, wrong, good, bad, etc. He says, essentially, that at some point we have to question this knowledge that we have accumulated, and decide what is truth, what our story is, and then take responsibility for our own authorship.
    Both men are saying the same thing, we need to ask ourselves questions about who, and what, we are. We need to, and can be, the creators of our existance. And it all has to do with the "mind". Which brings us back to, what is our mind; who is the who that is asking these questions? Dr. Aman can certainly point to the "functioning" of the brain and certain identifiable traits based on how it looks. But that doesn't get to the deeper question of where our thoughts, emotions, and beings are, or where they come from.
    Medical technology, as we know it today, simply can't point to where that is, where it exists physically. I beleive that is because we can't pinpoint the spiritual side of our existance, the "who" that we are. Our senses are not developed, nor is our technology, to the point of being able to do so. The best we can do at this point is "sense" our spiritual nature and being. We can glimpse it "through a veil." We can experience it through our faith.
    With that in mind it is my hope that you go through lifes journey as a seeker, always asking, never tiring, and finding joy along the way. Let me know your thoughts at

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