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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I apologize for the delay in posting here over the last couple of days, but I had a couple of events that precluded my dedicating the proper time to do so. One was a visit from my daughter and family, and the other was a visit to the doctor, both of which I will tell you about separately. Now to the remainder of Limitless Potential.


    I closed with the question as to where our thoughts, emotions, and imaginations reside. A scientist might well tell you that they are contained in the depths of our brains, and they may be right to a certain degree. Our brains are a mass of neurons firing electrical impulses throughout our brains. These comprise, at least the conscious functioning of our bodies, our memories, and the control of our automatic bodily functions like heartbeat etc. I think that's completely comprehensible and makes perfect sense. But what of the idea that you didn't possess or process mentally until now? Where did it come from? Is it simply information that resided in those neurons until just this moment? Or is there another possibility?


    This brings us back to a discussion of physics and the behavior of quantum materials. In "The Fabric of the Cosmos", Brian Greene tells about several experiments that demonstrate some remarkable properties of some of these particles. One such property is the ability of two particles to communicate, instantaneously, across the vast reaches of space, as well as the ability to traverse those spaces in the same manner. In "The Elegant Universe", he discusses the work of physicist Richard Feynman who theorizes that a photon traveling toward a phosphorescent screen, and passing through a slit in a screen that is in the path toward the phosphorescent screen, actually travels on all of the infinite possible paths, simultaneously, before hitting, and lighting a spot on the phosphorescent screen.


    In "The Elegant Universe" he discusses String Theory and some of the properties of the quantum world. One of these is that there may not be just the three dimensions that we commonly think of when viewing the physical world. What has been theorized is that there may be as many as 10, 11, or 12 dimensions in our universe. These, again, exist at the quantum level.


    So, what's in these other dimensions? What if I were to suggest that one of these dimensions could be the "spiritual" dimension I have alluded to? Does it seem possible or probable? What if those things we imagine, dream, hope for, actually reside at this level, and what again about potential? What I'm suggesting is that everything we can imagine or dream of exists already, in a limitless sea of potential. They can be brought to mind from wherever they are instantaneously, and manifested physically in our lives, by allowing the potential to grow and become reality. You may not become wealthy in a heartbeat, but you can set yourself on the path.


    I dare you to hope, dream, and be bold in seeking those things that you desire!   

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