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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

        I was blessed with a visit from my daughter Karen, her husband Dave, and my wonderful grandchildren Michael and Sydney over the Labor Day weekend. It is always a joy because the grand children bring back to mind the wonderful innocence of childhood, and offer a refreshing perspective that is all too easy to forget as one gets older. We got to get caught up with Karen and Dave, and their busy lives, and I had the opportunity to be the doting grand father.
    Sydney and I got to play a "game" I have been playing with both children since they were both about 4 or 5. I reach behind thier ear, or knee. or some other likely spot such as thier ankle. Then I wriggle and tug a little bit, pull with all my might, and wrest out a quarter, nickle, or dime, that's been growing there since we were last together. It still always evokes a sense of wonder and glee from Sydney. Michael has stopped playing for about a year or so now. He doesn't beleive in the "magic" of it anymore.
    He has stopped suspending his disbelief. It started with the suspision that grandpa was pulling a fast one on him and couldn't really pull a quarter from behind his ear, but he was able, for a little while, to suspend that disbelief and enjoy the game for a while longer. Sydney has not yet "learned" to question or disbeleive in the possibilty for magic to occur. She is just as gleeful and happy as when I first did it. The amazing thing is that it's not about the money. She left it sitting on the kitchen counter when they left. I hope it lasts.
    We all, at one time or another, have suspended our disbelief, if only for a little while. We go to a movie, see the "impossible", and don't question it. That's a part of the "magic" of movies. We discover, in that time, something we lost somewhere along the way. A little bit of pure innocence, the ability to beleive the impossible, and with it the potential for so much happiness. Each of us needs to habitually seek to suspend our disbelief, dare to dream, and recapture that part of ourself that may have been lost on our journey.
    The second event of this past weekend was a follow up visit with my neuro surgeon. Having suffered with neck pain for a number of years I followed a reccomendation from my family doctor to visit a surgeon. He advised the removal of two ruptured discs and the fusion of three vertabrae. I accepted his advise and underwent the surgery on July 11th. I was to have quit smoking 30 days prior to having the surgery, but didn't quite make that goal. Apparently the nicotene impedes the growth of bone and could lead the graft to fail and not fuse properly.
    Upon release from the hospital the doctor reiterated the potential dire consequences should I continue to smoke. I gave it a valient effort but haven't yet reached the point of quitting entirely. I did however, curtail my usage quite a bit, and do have the goal of being completely nicotine free. Well, my follow up visit went great!!! I no longer need to wear a neck brace to stableize my neck; I can drive again, and go back to work. The doctor even told me that I was much further along than most patients at this point of recovery. I was, to say the least, ecstatic! I had been, for the most part, confined to the house since July 11th, and now I'm free.
    I credit this recovery to several factors, one of which is attitude. When I first asked the doctor about recovery duration he told me a lot of that had to do with me. How I managed my expectations, or my attitude. All through this I have been optimistic, even in the face of not having quit smoking. I visualized the bones growing in my body, "seeing" the two different bones merging into one. The other factor was my belief that I would heal well. I envisioned myself going to the doctor and him telling me that he was amazed at how well I was healing. Not far removed from what he acctually said!
    This experience has served to reinforce my already strong belief that anyone can do anything that he or she believes they can, if they allow that belief to form and grow into reality. I would not suggest that one should ignore their doctors advise, and go willy nilly about life. But I would tell you that what you beleive has, or can have, a profound effect on the outcome you are seeking.
    So, on occasion, suspend your disbelief to rediscover the wonderful simplicity of innocence, and on the other hand, beleive in all of the potential that you have and the ability that you have, today, to choose the outcomes you desire!!!

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