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Friday, 22 August 2008

When you are trying to attract a meaningful relationship you will find yourself dwelling on your need for a perfect partner or intimate relationship in your life. Stop doing that right now!

The first thing you can do to start the energy flowing from you to the Universe is to quit trying to attract your dream partner.

Here's why.

When you concentrate your energies and emotions on finding the perfect one to hang your romantic feelings on you are sending a very strong message to the Universe that screams "need." And what's the Universe going to do? Send you some more need to dwell on, of course.

If you go to every party or gathering with the expectation of finally meeting "The One," you will feel disappointment and the Universe will notice and send you some more of the same. Feeling disappointment is a negative emotion and emotions and feelings are actually frequencies of energy that carry your message to the Law of Attraction.

If you are willing to let your expectations go, to quit holding them tightly against your heart, you will quit trying to orchestrate or control how the abundance from the Universe gets sent to you. This is a necessary step you have to take in order to change what vibrations you are sending out.

Another mistake you might make is expecting every social event or small gathering of friends to be the time you will meet "The One." That also signals desperation and need to the Universe. Instead, change your focus to the people around you and enjoy them as friends. Looking at everyone you meet as potential love partners is a beacon of need that pierces the Universe like an arrow.

You will have to be open to new experiences in order for your perfect partner to find you. When you create openings for your potential partner to fill, it makes it more likely that someone looking for you will fill that opening.

While it might be a good idea to go places where your perfect partner might go and engage in activities for the same reason, remember that your perfect partner can find you anyplace. Don't exhaust yourself trying to be everywhere at once.
So, can you actually attract someone specific using the Law of Attraction?

If the person is attracted to you also, the answer is yes. You cannot force attraction, no matter how much you want it. If the object of your desire does not want to be with you, it will never happen. Save yourself heartache and don't try to force relationships.

If you want to get back with someone you've broken up with and they're not interested, the same warning applies. If you're still carrying those feelings, you have to release them. There is no way for the energies of the Law of Attraction to be used this way. It won't work and will backfire on you.

It more productive and beneficial to your emotional well-being to believe that there certainly is someone who will be better for you. This someone possibly has a lot of the same qualities as the person you just broke up with. Just believe that there's a better match out there just waiting to find you. That's all you have to do. Just Believe!


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  • At 22 August 2008 23:13, Blogger Michael said…

    wow thank you thank you and again a million thanks for you....a great post and I really learned the mistakes that I have been doing to attract back my ex...thanks a lot...


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