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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Improve your image, enhance your personal growth and achieve empowerment by
hiring a life coach.

Wikipedia reports that "…coaching is a recognized discipline used by many
professionals engaged in people development. However, as a distinct
profession it is relatively new and self-regulating. There are six
self-appointed accreditation bodies for business and life coaching: the
International Coaching Council (ICC), the International Coach Federation
(ICF), the International Association of Coaching (IAC), the Certified
Coaches Federation (CCF), the European Coaching Institute (ECI) and the
International Guild of Coaches (IGC). No independent supervisory board
evaluates these programs and they are all privately owned. These bodies all
accredit various coaching schools as well as individual coaches, except the
IAC and ECI which only accredits individuals."

With all of the financial and relationship turmoil we face today, people are
all in a stir. Breadwinners are forced to find new, innovative ways to earn
a living and provide for their households. Current careers are not
satisfying and new ones are being sought. Haunting questions about
survivability, capability, courage, acceptance and individual
trustworthiness proliferate. These inquiries are stimulating new
self-assessments, coupled with the generation and revision of personal goals
and purposes.

A life coach can be the life jacket or life preserver during these times of
crisis and indecision. He or she can help you scrutinize what's going on
presently in your life. He can help you identify opportunities, challenges,
obstacles and the most profitable success strategies for making your life
what you dream it to be. Life coaching is not about providing therapy,
counseling or answers to its clients.

The beauty of life coaching is that the coach works closely and confidently
with his clients to help them figure out their own solutions. This serves
as a catalyst for getting better acquainted with who you are, for improving
your logic, analytical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Life
coaching enhances personal growth, personal development and character while
setting the stage for an enriched lifestyle.

As a trusting bond forms, the life coach will begin to identify various
thought patterns and behaviors that may not be apparent to you. He will
guide you to the achievement of your personal aspirations. To do so,
however, you must have clarity of where you are in life and where you aspire
to be in the next year or so. You have to be committed and allow your life
coach to work with you, give you assignments, challenges, and hold you
accountable. You should have definite goals in mind that you want help
with. Specific, achievable goals are described as follows:

° Unearth what's most important to your happiness
° Create the proper vision for your business
° Make a career change involving relocation
° Development of greater financial management skills
° Manage family time better
° Achieve the best balance between work and home
° Develop leadership skills
° Find more time for rest and relaxation
° Start a home-based business
° Return to original vision and mission
° Eliminate obstacles that block success
° Transform passion into a positive, profitable lifestyle
° Stop making frustrating choices that sabotage advancement

When working with a life coach, you can establish richer goals and attain
them with greater success than if you endeavored alone. But, you say, these
coaches are not regulated; how do I find a good one? How do I know I can
trust a life coach? First of all you have to be a part of the process by
thoroughly researching the profession and completing your due diligence.
It's critical to find the coach that's right for you, one that you click
with and connect with really well. Use referrals or databases such as these
to find suitable life coach candidates:


Plan to participate in no less than three FREE, no-strings attached sample
coaching sessions. You will be looking to hire someone with greater
experience than you in your area of interest. Look for relevant coaching
experience, commitment, solid credentials, and a pertinent pre-coaching
background. A key objective will be to ascertain the coaching style and
approach of each coach, and to discover which one you're most comfortable

Approach each life coach with a specific problem, and analyze how each one
addresses the issue. After each sample session, ask yourself the following
questions. Rate each of the three coaches on these concerns to help you
make the right decision.

Was the potential life coach well informed and intuitive?
Did the coach focus on you and your issue?
Did either coach lead you to a solution?
Did the coach seem experienced, wise and caring?
Who did most of the talking, you or the coaching candidate?
Was the personal chemistry a match?
Will the potential life coach provide references?
Does either coach seem to have a special "gift of coaching"?
Was there a firm desire to help you resolve your dilemma?
Did he or she seem excited by the opportunity to coach you?
Would you engage in weekly 30 to 90 minute conversations with this coach?
Did the life coach candidate appear to understand you?
Did you feel a close connection with either of the coaches?
Were you comfortable during the discussions?
Did you find the tone and mood of the call appealing?
Did the life coach help you to see your situation differently?
Can this life coach help you achieve your goals?

Employing a life coach is a smart way to invest in yourself and to enhance
your image. You will grow and develop a better YOU through the coaching
process. Rest assured that the personal growth and enhancement benefits you
gain will not be short-lived. In my next two blog posts, I will share views
on what to expect during life coaching sessions and how much it costs to
hire a life coach.

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