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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Always look good and speak intelligently. Before anything else you are seen and heard. If your appearance is unkempt, if your language is poor and repulsive, then immediately you are considered inferior, low-grade – even though such opinion may not mean that you really are. The issue set forth is image improvement, appearance enhancement, better communications. Attainment requires that one dresses for success and learns to speak well. Note, however, the level at which one dresses and talks varies with his prevailing objectives and environment.

Effective, verbal communications are influential, persuasive, useful, friendly, optimistic conversations that yield a powerful image and impression. A most compelling requisite exists for them. This compulsory capability implies the necessity for controlled emotions and problem-solving skills amid clearly defined hopes and expectations. Boosting communication skills, especially oral communications, improves every aspect of life:

⇨ Conversations
⇨ Careers
⇨ Ministries
⇨ Relationships
⇨ goal-setting
⇨ financial management
⇨ coaching, on and on

It is appalling to see the number of persons with college degrees who abuse their local language because of extremely poor grammar and enunciations. Good communicators speak clearly and distinctly. Their subjects and verbs agree. They know when and how to use colloquialisms and when not to use them. They know how terrible the use of poor language sounds, and the negative impact it has on its listeners. The worst way to fail at any type of interview is to go dressed inappropriately, and to speak incompetently. With dedicated effort, everyone can be clean, neat, and use good English…
Japanese, etc. By the way, any time you go out into the public, you go on an interview, because someone is always watching you for one reason or another.

Take command of your language usage. Listen carefully to those who speak well. Purchase books and tapes for self-study, or enroll in public or private courses. Successful people must know how to speak properly for personal growth and personal image enhancement. Using the correct speech and vocabulary provides an advantage for engaging in winning, meaningful conversations as well as negotiations. If you speak correctly, people will tend to hang around you rather than avoid you. They will tend to involve you in their activities and discussions when you know the command of your language. This opens the door for more quality relationships and learning experiences.

Effective, verbal communications require you to speak with assurance and with confidence. An open, positive frame of mind is essential. Dialogue must transpire with a sense of boldness and authority, looking the other person directly in the eyes. Know what you're talking about and be able to defend your statements with facts and other documentation as appropriate. An aura of confidence should be noticeable in your voice inflections and demeanor. To communicate differently sends a message of being uninformed, misinformed, reserved, unsure or shy - each of which is self-defeating. These are signs of weakness and insecurity.

Avoid being seen as a poor communicator, know and believe in what you are conversing about. Be passionate in your convictions; be committed and assertive. Never be afraid to say "I don't know; but, I will research the matter and respond to you promptly." And do not fear rejection; it does not diminish your self-worth nor pulverize your self-confidence unless you allow it to do so.

Remember the importance of rendering positive comments in a conversation. No one likes a pessimist. To be effective, speak on the level of the person being spoken to, and be genuinely friendly and enthusiastic. Be polite, humble and compassionate. Be considerate of others. Listening attentively as they speak. Such actions as these are the lifeblood of effective, verbal communications. Learn to listen twice as much as you speak. Minimize the subject of I, Me, My, Mine.

When meeting someone for the first time, talk with them, don't interrogate them. Repeat their name after it is given to you, and use it during the course of the conversation. These simple steps will help you remember your new acquaintance's name. When attempting to initiate a conversation, ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer. For example, "So what brings you to the B.O.S.S. The Movement Program?"

When talking with strangers, avoid controversial subject matters unless there is something specific that invites such discussion. And please, find something to talk about other than the weather. Show that you are well-rounded. Discuss captivating topics such as travel, healthy living alternatives, the eco-system, how to become financially free, Tiger Woods, the latest James Patterson or Gail Gaymer Martin novel.

Effective, verbal communication impacts all of life and is very important. Everyone can use some improvement in this area. Determine where you need to cultivate change in your verbal communication skills. Choose to make small refinements beginning right now on behalf of your personal image enhancement. Believe in yourself; believe in your value. Then you can communicate with confidence and conviction, with authority and power.

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