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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Transforming little girls into ladies and little boys into gentlemen is a neglected obligation around the globe. An urgent need exists for teaching females to love and honor who they are, and to become the best, most graceful ladies possible. (On the flip side, the same exists for the males.) There's an urgent need to instruct them how to become prim and proper, to teach them the art of femininity…how to walk, talk, sit, and act like a true lady: dignified, refined, cultivated, self-assured, graceful.

The female species is exquisite, desiring to be treated with special kindness. To merit this pampering, most females need to develop a new, feminine image. Real men love and gratify real, well-versed ladies; they hold them in high esteem. If you want to be treated like a lady, you must practice feeling like a lady, speaking like a lady, looking like a lady, thinking like a lady and conducting yourself as a respectable lady would. Every female can master her femininity and develop grace, good manners, poise, courtesy and politeness. For some this will be quite a challenge; but, it is doable. Where there's a determined will, there is surely a way, a means to achieve the ambition.

Often it's said that women want to be treated by their men as though they were queens. Well, if you want to be treated like a queen, you had better act like one. Note that if you act like a loose woman that is exactly how you will be treated. And no decent man wants a long term, serious relationship with an easy, immoral woman. Think with me for a moment. What kind of female are you? Are you well-mannered, considerate of others, and up-to-date regarding present happenings? Are you witty, can you cook; can you keep a clean house?

Tell me honestly; are you a true champion for your beau or the man you dream of? Can you / are you willing to satisfy him mentally, physically and spiritually? Can you become his best friend and confidant? Are you classy, sassy and well-groomed? Are you intelligent, wise and strong? Is your weight under control? Do you have a wonderful disposition? If so, I must say you are definitely a bona fide lady.

Genuine ladies work hard to change their circumstances and become quality individuals. They ultimately have wholesome lives, sound careers, successful businesses, good social skills and true happiness. Consequently, they are able to attract desirable friends, associates and mates. Do you sincerely want to be treated like a lady, as a princess, a queen? Then you must train like one. Invest time and effort in coaching / personal development to learn acceptable ladylike fundamentals.

Consider an opportunity like the online video program called UDefineU "created so that any woman can learn, step by step, how to recast herself into the woman she has always dreamt of becoming." Core topics covered are:

 Presence through Posture & Poise
 Communication Skills through Voice & Speech
 Social Graces through Etiquette
 A Signature Look through Style
 A Flawless Face through Make-up

Professional image consultants offer similar fee-based services. Other organizations to consider include The Empowered Girl Alliance and Woman Within. Of course, my favorite sources are the Internet and the Library. They are loaded with free information and guidance. As you devise your strategy, consider these tips for becoming a lady of distinction:

1. Emit confidence via your attire and good posture
2. Coordinate your wardrobe according to your body type and your skin tones
3. Always wear underwear and a proper fitting bra
4. Do not expose intimate body parts
5. Keep your knees together when sitting; cross your legs at the ankle
6. Keep in the know – be aware of current events, the latest movies, theatrical
plays, symphony or other quality musical performances, of political news,
7. Synchronize your verbal and non-verbal communication
8. Always be polite, courteous and considerate of others
9. Be seen more than you are heard
10. Choose carefully your comments and your words; never, ever use profanity

Explore who you are, your personality, mentality, spirituality, body image as well as your heartfelt aspirations. Become the lady of your choice. Look good, feel good, speak intelligently, have quality goals and command respect. In so doing, you'll become more appealing, more captivating. Confidence and positive vibes will begin to emanate from you, causing you to make great impressions on your husband, sweetheart, family, friends, employer…and even on the stranger whom you've never met.

Vow to act like a lady and be treated as one. Commit to mentoring your daughters, sisters, nieces and other female acquaintances. Teach them how to behave as ladies. Train them through precepts and illustrations.

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  • At 12 October 2009 08:54, Blogger Mary said…

    this is very essential, today society needs more class and delicatesse.I like this article and i read it all i suggest all of u to do the same, it's worthy.

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